March 17, 2005

Hello readers,hope all is well. I am tired today, considering that I had a very quiet weekend. Apart from two soccer games yesterday, I didn’t do anything too strenuous. I am happy to say my girlfriend flew into Orlando on Thursday. We have taken it relatively easy thus far. Our weekend never got much more exciting than a meal in Carrabas on Friday night and to the flicks to see Hitch on Saturday, which was great. We have just been trying to spend as much time together as possible, but that is proving to be hard with classes and soccer training keeping me at Riddle until 5:30pm each evening. I also went to get my driving license on Friday at the DMV but, of course, nothing is ever as easy as it seems. Before I can do my test I have to sit through some drug and alcohol awareness class for four hours. Nightmare!

I am looking forward to the start of Spring break, which will give us a lot of free time to do stuff that couples do. We are planning on going to St. Augustine for the weekend so if anyone knows of anything worthwhile to do there let me know. Cheers! As well as that, it is St. Patrick’s Day on Thursday so we will have to celebrate that with a few pints of Guinness in an Irish bar somewhere. I hear that Savannah is meant to be great for Paddy’s day, but ultimately I would love to go to New York.

I had my first flip it Tuesday experience last week, which was pretty good, got my first 6 drinks on the house. Luck of the Irish! So one of the boys (Coisty) asked me to go up and get his round but, of course, the luck ran out, and he had to pay for every one of his five drinks.

Anyway, we had two soccer games yesterday and we managed to win one and lose one, which is not great. We lost 2-1 to Jacksonville University and we beat University of North Florida on penalties. The heat yesterday was a real killer; it is a horrible feeling breathing in warm air. I was struggling just to run in the second game, but I will be in a lot better shape come the start of the fall season. I hope!

I was just thinking, after Spring break there is only four weeks left of classes. This semester has been, or has felt, really short, even though it has been boring. I remember this time last semester I was looking forward to the spring and, now that its here, it is not all that it was cracked up to be. At the same time I think that the fall is going to be great, because we are hosting nationals. I am looking forward to playing some competitive games again.

That’s all for now, so take it easy and try and let me know if you know of anything to do in St. Augustine. Thanks.

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