March 17, 2005

Hello again all you journal readers. It’s been a long time coming, but one more week remains until all of us go off to different locations for spring break. Some people I know are going to remain here in Daytona and welcome their friends, while others like me, will be returning home to meet up with old friends and loved ones. I look forward to spending a lot of time with my family, girlfriend, and friends.

School here is the same as usual. I am somewhat pleased with how this semester has been going for me thus far. My professors are excellent, my classes are nicely planned out, and my flying has not interfered with my academics. I will soon be planning out my classes for the upcoming Fall 2005 semester. I am hoping to go home and attain 6 credits for my general education requirements so that when I come back for the fall semester, I could be in junior standing. What has been keeping me from going crazy this semester is that I have not yet had one big project as I did last semester. Maybe I have, I just didn’t notice it or didn’t think it was that big. I am really enjoying the Aeronautical Science courses because I know that for once, I am learning about something I will most likely be using in real-life. I know that when I was in high school, I asked myself when in life I would be applying what I had learned in that class to a real-life scenario. Well, luckily, I am doing something where I don’t have to ask that question anymore. I also decided to stay and live on campus because of the lack of a car. I would definitely love to have my own apartment or share one with a friend, but without a car, I am not sure how I would get to school for a 6 AM flight, 8AM class, etc. I am still talking to my parents about a car, but I’m almost certain that the final answer will be a no.

As Daytona’s Speedweeks ended, Bike Week began. It was a crazy week with many Bikes all across Daytona. It was quite noisy, compared to the quiet Daytona that I was used to, but it was a welcome sign. I remember seeing many different types of Motorcycles from Harley’s to Honda’s. It was also very interesting to watch some of the bikers with some amazing looking bikes. Some of them were designed to look like a car, of course a smaller version of one, while others were made to look like they came out of the 50s. Motorcycles have never interested me much, but some of the ones that I saw around were pretty nice.

Spring Break! Well, Daytona has seen a fluctuation of people come in for the upcoming spring break season. I have noticed many people not only in the area, but even on campus. Since we are located here in Daytona, many friends come to visit those who attend Riddle. I will hopefully be able to check out all the events before the spring break season here in Daytona is over.

Well, if you have any questions/comments/suggestions regarding anything I can assist you with, leave a message on the message board. Until next time, laters!

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