March 31, 2005

Hello to all you journal readers. I am writing this journal after quite an eventful day that took me from Los Angeles to Daytona Beach in a span of 12 hours (a mixture of cancelled and delayed flights). Spring Break was a well deserved break for many of us and as I previously stated, I went against what most would have done —  stayed here — and opted to go home instead for Spring Break. I was given the opportunity to see my family and friends. After being away from home for a while, it was a welcome sight for sore eyes.

Well, as I write this journal, I find myself stuck in a situation which most of us hate to be in. I have a lot of homework and would rather pretend that such a thing doesn’t exist. Lucky for us, we have about 5 full weeks of school remaining until we all are given the opportunity to go home for the summer.

I did not have the time to finish flying and get my private before I left to go back home, but with 5 weeks remaining, I have more than enough time to complete my last 2 flights. Once I complete the last two flights, I will then go up for my Oral and Checkride. I have been studying for that oral and somehow many details are still slipping my mind at times.

When I went home a friend of mine who still happens to be in high school asked me how college truly is. Well, as I told her and will tell all of you, it is all about knowing how to read, understand, and comprehend books of different subject matter. One thing that has always been a weakness of mine is my inability to comprehend what it is I read. I will find myself sitting there asking myself what it is that I have just finished reading. To my dismay, I seldom remember what it is I read even after just browsing over it.

I strongly recommend for those of you going to any college next year to really learn how to read well. I wish someone could have stressed how important reading truly is in a college education. Don’t get me wrong, I still pass my classes with a weakness in reading, but I tend to learn well from lectures and notes, so I am still able to learn what is taught.

Spring Break back home was fun but most of you are probably interested in what Daytona Beach has to offer. From what I have seen and heard, the beaches have had some great turnouts and there are events all along the beach that allow for spring breakers to relax and have some fun. Hopefully other journal writers can offer a perspective as to how it was last week.

Well, off I go to finish homework and get ready to restart classes ( I already missed a day). Keep the questions coming on the message board. I, as well as the other journal writers, will be more than willing to offer you our assistance.

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