March 31, 2005

Well, the great glorious spring break is over. I officially did not do one single bit of homework while I was off. It was wonderful, haha. So what else did I do you might ask? I sat in front of the TV, worked some here and there, and just chilled too. After working so hard so far this semester I just needed to relax for a little while. Plus, it either rained a bunch or it was just generally overcast most of Spring Break in Daytona. This past Sunday was the only day that was actually warm and sunny. I went out in the garage and worked on my car a little bit. Went out and washed it, then it rained later that day. Oh well, it happens.

Of course, this past week went by so fast it didn’t even feel like it was a week off. Soon school will totally be out and then summer will be filled with working and relaxing. I’m hoping I can work this summer enough to pay some on my mounting student debt, or just use the money to pay some of the tuition for next semester. I think I could work for a year and never make enough money to pay for all of tuition, haha. Anyways, that’s what happens when you go to a good school I guess.

So, this semester is about half or so over, but it feels like it’s almost totally over. I’m ready for it to be, that’s for sure. Our official last day of classes is in about a month. YEAH! I’m so excited. Thank goodness it’s almost here. This summer will be fun, it has to be. Last summer working at Disney was a blast. This summer has to top that. I don’t know how it can though, working at Disney was the most fun place to work EVER!

Well, I’ll have to stew about where to work this summer and for now do some homework while I’m at it. I’ll talk to yall later.


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