September 22, 2005

What’s going on guys.

My Name is Dinko and I have lived in the USA for 8 years. I am originally from Bosnia, but I moved to Germany at the age of four because of the war in Bosnia.

My Parents came to this country only because of one reason, me. They want me to get an education. They received theirs in Bosnia but that was all destroyed. So here we are with nothing, just as we were when we entered Germany. You can contact me if you want more information about me.

Ok….so I read this Journal thingy just as you did, my year prior to entering College. How is it? I’d say its freedom. You really think its so hard and all day studying…etc….But no no no . That’s when exams are around. When classes are present, you might want to just review your stuff so you don’t lose track of that. But since ERAU is a private college, it is not like the public ones where you would have over 100 kids in a classroom. Right now my biggest is about 60. The rest about 30. Some 15. You choose your classes when you come with a person that helps you throughout your four-year program, which is called (AD – Academic Advisor). Now in the Fall, you will have about five to six classes. All of those classes will be broken up which means you will have maybe three on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. The other three or two on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So its unique and you won’t get tired. You have so much freedom after your classes that you don’t know what to do with it. But just don’t be a clown and do nothing.

Attendance is pretty much taken by all instructors, but there are a few that do not. So it is mandatory to attend since it represents about 20% of your grade. Most students here lack sleep and therefore sleep in. They go to bed around 4 and have class the next morning. That is no good because I do it and did it ( But never skipped a class). The dorms are OKAY here. Some Universitys are worse where bugs are all over the place. I haven’t seen one here since maintenance is really good around the campus.

I am a guy and of course I expect to see GIRLS GIRLS, but no. Embry-Riddle’s ratio guys to girls is pretty high so not many girls are around here as you would expect in a Public University. But there are of course many that you can talk to and hook up (smiley). Getting into the College, I would say to get recommendation letters, especially if you are Flying, from Instructors or any Retired Pilots because that is one of the key entries also. But if you have a really low low GPA than it will play too. Now Embry-Riddle is easy to get into, but one of the hardest schools to stay. Now the school has created this class called University 101. It teaches you how to prepare your life here and how to study effectively. They will give you the history about ERAU and its current status, pretty interesting, a 1 credit class that is very easy.

My major Air Traffic Control has been decided by me at the beginning of my Sophmore year in High School. I graduated from a Medical Magnet High School in St.Petersburg,FL and I wanted to become a Cardiologist but realized that I don’t want to be in school for 10+ years. So I heard ATCs talk over the internet and was amazed by their communication. So I got into it and started to listen more. Soon I started to practice it via Flight Simulation over the Internet with real people on Multiplayer. I learned all the Approach Plates phraseology..etc that was essential to Air Traffic Control. I decided that this will be my major.

Now for you guys who want to reach me and ask me questions feel free to do it anytime, I do not mind, I would love to help you guys out. My E-mail is and my AIM screen name is Mafia6663. Feel free anytime to drop me a message. It was a pleasure to write my first journal and I appreciate whoever read the ENTIRE Journal, it was very kind of you.

P.S For those who say I don’t have enough money for education, I don’t believe you.

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About Dinko

**Age:** 18 **Hometown:** Prijedor, Bosnia & Small Town near Stuttgart, Germany **Favorite Movies:** Meet The Fockers, Parents, Italian Job, and The Wedding Crashers **Favorite Band:** Halid Beslic - Bosnian **Career goal:** Finish my Parents' Goal - To Get An Education **Interests:** Soccer Soccer Soccer. I would like to return to Germany and work at Frankfurt Airport. Also play soccer for VFB Stuttgart.

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