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Air Traffic Management

**Age:** 18
**Hometown:** Prijedor, Bosnia & Small Town near Stuttgart, Germany
**Favorite Movies:** Meet The Fockers, Parents, Italian Job, and The Wedding Crashers
**Favorite Band:** Halid Beslic - Bosnian
**Career goal:** Finish my Parents' Goal - To Get An Education
**Interests:** Soccer Soccer Soccer. I would like to return to Germany and work at Frankfurt Airport. Also play soccer for VFB Stuttgart.

April 19, 2006

Well this is it guys!

This is the last journal you will be reading for the Spring Semester. Summer is approaching quickly and so are the finals. My earliest final exam will be in Meteorology on April 26th. Not to mention, sometimes we have exams here on Saturdays, so that’s not too uncommon. People are preparing and getting ready to finish this semester, I know everyone is excited! The grades have been much better then last semesters. I can’t say what they all are because half of them are borderline. I got two classes I am trying to get an A in, so I hope that works. Getting an A in college is not easy I must say, it’s hard work.

The weather has been really hot now. I hate it. I can’t even go to class without breaking a sweat, but hey that’s Florida! I’m thinking of maybe moving off-campus and live in an apartment with a friend. It is much cheaper. But for your first year here at Embry-Riddle, I suggest that everyone gets here and lives on campus their first year so you can adjust to your surroundings and get comfortable. Then later maybe move off-campus when you got everything settled. I have been continuing to play soccer with my friends here every weekend and we are just having a blast with it. Only two more weeks to go and I will be going home. I will be there for nearly 2 months taking some courses at a Community College to save myself some major money. With this, I will be close to home and will be excited to eat my mom’s home-cooked meals. The food here I really don’t like, but that’s because I am just bored of it. The first few weeks it was good because it was new, but it kind of got old and just boring. The meal plans here are expensive too.

Well I hope everyone enjoyed reading my journal and hope everyone who is planning on coming to Embry-Riddle comes and meets me. Last year, I was in the same shoes as you guys and was always asking the writer how ERAU was, what’s new, etc. I was excited to hear from a student much more then a faculty. Because I am more realistic, I believe student input has more quality then faculty input. There are always some questions a student would like to ask another student then rather ask the faculty to escape embarrassment. That is why I believe this was a good idea to do and hope you will too next year!

Email me if you have any concerns or questions about ERAU at DinkoResidovic@hotmail.com AIM Mafia6663

April 10, 2006

Hello guys!

The weather has been getting warmer and warmer. Today, its really warm. Walking to my classrooms I get sweaty, and so does everyone else. I can’t imagine how its going to be again during the summer. It’s a PAIN. But it’s Florida, what else can we expect? Definitely not snow.

My grades are much better then last semester’s here. As you all know, I had problems being in a room with different roommates, I just couldn’t get along. Now, I have the room by myself and my grades are much better. I am getting enough sleep and don’t have to worry about waking anyone up when I wake up. So far I have an A in my international studies class, it’s a really good class and it focuses much on Europe, and that’s where I am from! No wonder right?? Currently in Meteorology I have a low C and likewise in Human Factors. WX201 I thought would be very easy, but unfortunately half of the class is failing so it’s really hard. But very interesting I must say. Human Factors is psychology, just with systems, that exam was not that easy, but I didn’t study for it, so I deserve it. I am working on it to get a B in that class. Everything else I have a B and currently am glad my grades have improved by every class.

In Summer A, I will be home taking some classes like I said in the previous journal to save myself some major money. But that’s just general education. When I’m done with those classes, I will be very happy and will start taking all of my Air Traffic classes. My friend just recently took the AT-SAT which is the Test for Air Traffic Control students and said it was easy. I’m always looking forward to another semester because each semester life is new. Many ‘new species’ are around and you meet different people. Last semester I read that they are expanding this campus within like 6 years. Its going to double and I’m sure that’s when our school will be in every state’s newspaper, etc. They just recently finished building a new track field right next to our gymnasium which I still haven’t visited. But I can see it when I go on the 5th floor, looks really nice and clean.

I was informed that there is only one more journal to go and then it will be out last sad enough. But I know we all had a blast in writing our experience here at ERAU.

If anyone needs to know anything about this campus please feel free to contact me on the discussion board or at: DinkoResidovic@hotmail.com or IM on AIM as MAFIA6663.

Have a great day!!

March 23, 2006

Hi Guys,

Everybody here is really thrilled about Spring Break. It is just going to be crazy here. Most of us are leaving back home for the week, but however let that not disappoint you. Spring Break in Daytona Beach usually is for just nearly a month long, so by the time we all return, it is still going to be on!!!

Many people come from all over the world just to have fun here during Spring break. Bike week was last week and it was crazy, motorcycles everywhere! The sound kind of got really annoying and my ears didn’t like it. I am going back home to St. Petersburg, FL to enjoy some time with my family since I haven’t seen them in nearly two months. When I come back, the party will be on, but I can’t let that take too much advantage over me, I still have to focus that I am here to study, not party.

I hope that everyone who is reading my journal is really coming to Embry-Riddle and gets in touch with me. I find this a very neat idea for people who are interested to come to a University and be able to actually read what the REAL STUDENTS think of here and experience every week. I believe that when you read from us rather then from the administrators, you will get straight up answers to your questions and not any hidden answers. The weather is still amazing here, which means all the folks who came to party here in Daytona, have chosen the right place. It has been getting warmer and warmer, which I don’t like. But it is Florida!!

Only a few more weeks to go until the Spring Semester is over here, then for the Summer A Term which is from May until late June, I will be taking courses at St. Petersburg at a Community College to save myself some big money. If you can transfer some credits absolutely do so, because it saves you lots of money.

But I chose to come here as a Freshman because I knew what I wanted to do, if you don’t know what you want to do, I’d suggest definitely going to a Community College and taking General Education courses there. Because the upper level courses you can not transfer since it is towards your major here.

Ok that’s it. Please e-mail me at DinkoResidovic@hotmail.com for questions about Embry-Riddle. Have a safe Spring Break!!

March 6, 2006


Two more weeks until Spring break, I’m sure everyone is excited. This weekend was just as the same as every other, except that we went to probably the biggest party at Embry-Riddle. There were about 3,000 people but it sure didn’t seem like there was. This was all on Friday night hosted by the Sailing Club at a yacht, or some kind of dock.

However not much has changed since my last entry. I just have an exam today (Monday) and I’m hoping it should be easy. Classes are going good and easy, nothing is actually hard as it was last semester. Our Spring Break starts here on March 20th and lasts a whole week, which I cannot wait for. I will be going back home to St. Petersburg, FL and enjoying my time with my family. I really miss home cooked food from my mom and especially Bosnian food. I will tell her to make my favorite food when I arrive. The drive from St. Petersburg to Daytona Beach is about 2.5 hrs and is not bad at all, you just have to have energy to drive and I really don’t have that. Spring Break is pretty much the only break we have until the end of this semester, so I will be looking forward to that.

This Saturday I was really tired because of Friday night, I came back to my room around 10 a.m. It was just CRAZY. I had to relax all Saturday so I can be fine for the next day, a hangover I guess is what you call it. The weather has also been really nice, getting really really warm these days but at times chilly too. Last week for some reason many people were sick, I guess due to the weather. Last time it rained must have been last week, but that was like for the second time this year.

I really have to go shopping this weekend and by myself some new shoes. The shoes I have right now are in excellent shape but I only paid $20 for them and they are not good looking LOL! Life here is fun, you usually have a lot of friends that just come to your room and hang out which makes it fun right there. You don’t have to always go out and drink to have fun, just relaxing with your friends in your room is a lot of fun too. Because I currently have no roommate, I have the whole room by myself and I don’t have to worry about anyone telling me to shut up besides my suitemates, but they are cool.

Please post any questions or AIM SN : Mafia6663

February 23, 2006


Hope everybody is enjoying their last 2 months of high school, or semester at a college. Life at Embry-Riddle has not changed much since my last entry. NASCAR started, which I am sure everyone is writing about, has been crazy. I volunteered with the tennis boys for the club for about 7 hours Saturday morning and it was just crazy. The big race was on Sunday, but on Saturday was the Daytona 200 or 300, not sure.

We had cars parked on our soccer fields, our own parking areas, hotels, pretty much anywhere where they could park cars, it was used for. I have never seen anything like this so crowded before just like back home. What I found really interesting was that people could actually bring BEER with them. At times, I was a “bag control” guy, but I was never to ask for ID. Usually I’m used to seeing anyone with beer outside get arrested, but this was different. In Germany, it is extremely okay to bring beer or anything outside and walk with it. So that kind of reminded me back of home. But I got burnt! The sun was hot, around 80 I’d have to say. Everybody from our school either worked there, or volunteered because that’s what you do when NASCAR comes around here.

This is the busy time for us here in Daytona, right around Spring break. You have NASCAR, now all the motorcycles are gonna come soon and then Spring Break. The weather here has been very warm, but at times cold. So people are getting sick around the campus too. But it’s Florida, what do you expect right?

So the courses this semester are much easier for me, I am having MUCH MUCH better grades then last semester. Last semester I had chemistry, and I am not a chemistry person, nor math. This semester I am glad I don’t have to take either one of them. I did get some courses approved during the summer at a Community College so I can save myself some money. Now some of you might be asking why didn’t I do that before I even got here? Well I just KNOW what I want to do with my career and that’s why I like to get started early with everything, not only education.

Well, not much to say anymore but NASCAR was about everything this weekend. Hope everyone enjoys their months before college! It’s a lifetime experience I’d have to say..CYA! Contact me by posting your questions on the discussion board.

February 9, 2006


What is going on folks? Nothing too much here. Got a few tests coming up here this week so this weekend I will be busy studying. My exams are for classes in Economics, Meteorology and Human Factors. Shouldn’t be hard. This weekend I didn’t do too much, I just kind of hung out with my buddies and relaxed in my room. I did go to a party of course and had fun with my friends.

The first tests, everyone should thrive to get an A because the first test will always be easier no matter what class it’s for. It is always easier to start off good and then if you do bad on a test, it won’t hurt you as much it would if you did bad on the first test, then you would have to study your butt off for the next one! Life here at Embry Riddle has not changed much. Nothing new has happened except for the fact that I have been getting a lot of you guys e-mailing me and IMing me, which is excellent! keep doing so. My favorite part of all that is hearing why everyone is interested in Embry Riddle. Almost every single one of you ask me ‘How do you pay for it?’ which I find funny, but the answer is loans LOL! Anybody that does e-mail me I answer your question within 6 hours, that’s a promise!

It has been raining in Daytona the past 3 days. It is not fun walking to class with an umbrella then the wind knocking it out of your hand as a result getting you all soaked. But Mother Nature has its moments I guess. Daytona Races are approaching here and it will be VERY crowded here. I should get a job or something, get a few bux extra to myself. I’ll think about that. About my new room, it is awesome. I am literally alone here, but I have no problems whatsoever. I’m a happy camper and am going to stay in this room as much as I can. It is a bit further then my last room from my classes but I don’t care about that when we compare the amount in hours of sleep I got in those rooms.

During the weekends, many of us get bored. But in a way busy, doing nothing. Every weekend there are some parties, you just got to ask around who’s it is and what is going on. But you know when you get here, you all will see college is very much fun. Even just sitting in your dorm with a friend is fun, because you are away from your home and can pretty much do whatever you want. But some are so bored they don’t take time as an advantage sometimes to study, and do bad on tests. But lack of sleep can affect you very much also.

Well I am just going to go continue to study for my exams and hope everybody has a great weekend. Hope to see all of you here for the Fall Semester! Do not slack your last years in High School! Not a good idea.

January 26, 2006

Ciao, Here it is, our Spring Semester has started and this is our first journal writing about it. I am very excited about my classes and they are way much easier then last semesters. Here they are :

Economics, Human Factors & Systems, Intro to Computers, Meteorology, and International Studies.

These are all General Education courses except the Human Factors. After this year, I will start taking all the upper level classes and will be happier because that will mean every semester I will have Air Traffic classes. This semester I promised to myself that I will HAVE to get above a 3.0 minimum GPA because if I don’t, I will be very, very disappointed in myself. But that will not happen because I am going to challenge myself incredibly.

I only have one class on Tuesday and Thursday so I am pretty much free that day. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I have four. That’s when I am busy during the afternoon. But it is a big relief when it is all over. It kind of all goes by very fast. It’s exciting to be writing this and sharing information with all of you. As a matter of fact, I have just met now one of my buddies that read this journal before he got here. He is having a blast and is enjoying himself at Embry-Riddle. I gotta say there are a lot more girls this semester then last semester, I have no idea why. Good news for the guys because we are all suffering from single-itis.

The weather has been really nice. It has barely ever rained for these 3 weeks and it’s just fantastic outside. A little chilly for the Floridians but for me it’s perfect. Many people have started to run around campus due to the weather. Five of my really good friends that were in this school have left because either they cannot afford it anymore, or they have decided they want to do something else with their lives. It is sad to see so many of your good friends leave while you were with them almost every day. Your friends here become kind of your family because it is here where your life is. Home is always home, but the friends you have at home will be just kind of put aside until you graduate. But of course you gotta stay in touch with everyone.

Ok, if anyone needs anything E-mail me at DinkoResidovic@hotmail.com and I will answer all your e-mails I promise, there has not been one that I have not. Best wishes to every single one of you and hope you choose Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University as your place to study!

January 18, 2006

Hi all!

Hope everyone had a great new year and a good one to come. I also hope everyone had a nice Christmas and got all their Christmas wishes fulfilled. I was home the entire time and spent time with my family and dog. I enjoyed every bit of it. But a month off of school was a bit too long

When I arrived, I was very happy, thrilled to be home. My friends called me and all wanted to do something. But I only had time for one at a time. So I managed pretty good and stayed in touch with some of my friends. But when I left Embry-Riddle, I had to say goodbye to two of my very good friends. One left for Connecticut and the other for New Hampshire, both in the North East. However I promised my friend that I will visit him in Connecticut, the other one from New Hampshire can come visit me then, so we can all see each other. I am going there before the Fall Semester of 2006.

The fall was not a happy semester for me. I had to switch rooms three times and lacked a lot of sleep because of that. I could not focus, study or just be in peace. All this resulted in my Grades. I did not fail any Classes but for me, the grades I had were not sufficient for myself. This spring I will do much better and I promised myself that. I promised myself that so bad, that if I didn’t, I would drop out of it because it’s so expensive. Sometimes in college you come to points and realize a lot of serious things, such as how expensive it is to go here. It is easy to spend money but to earn money takes a lot of work from your back and brain. I have also had to say goodbye to some other friends because they could not pay anymore for this school which I completely understand.

My favorite part about returning to this school is just hanging out with my friends. I miss them a lot because now, they are a part of your life. You tend to keep in touch with friends in college a lot more then in high school because once you get here, you will see why. When you live with someone, things are also different. But this is college, it’s all about experience. Now I will be taking Human Factors (that is a class required for Air Traffic Management), Social Studies, Weather, Computers and Economics. It shouldn’t be that hard unless a class surprises me. But we will see and I will keep you updated of my status.

December 2, 2005

Hi Guys,

I hope everybody had a nice Turkey and ate some for me! I went home to St. Petersburg during this break but I got stuck on I-4 with my car, it was terrible.. I left at about 12 pm with my Friend and only went 30 miles from the school with the engine broke down. I called my dad to see what it could be, he said the timing belt first…but that wasn’t it. I had to call my roommate an hour later to come pick me up from I-4, I was in the middle of nowhere in DeBary.

After leaving my abandoned car on I-4, I called my father to discuss options, the service would have cost us an incredible amount of money here because Daytona Beach is not that big and they don’t have a lot of towing trucks that provide long distance towing. So I went through several Stations to ask how much it would cost and to see what the problem might be. Most of them replied by saying that they don’t have any towing trucks that go that far. That really disappointed me as darkness approached us. My father then knew it would cost us, but said that he will call one of his buddies to see if he can come pick me up, he owns a towing truck. He said he will charge us $1 per mile, my father couldn’t refuse because that was the only option available.

My dad’s friend picked me roughly up at about 01:00 in the morning because he left at around 21:00, he also had some trouble finding it for some reason. I was relieved when I saw him because that meant that I would be going home. The trip took 3 hours to drive back with picking the car up on the way back home. I came home and passed out, it was like 04:00.

In School. We all got out early because of the holidays and I had a an exam that I did well on. Now we are back and are all preparing for final exams. Which is the most important thing we had for the past 3 months. We really got to study for it! I have about 5 exams to study for. When I am done with them, I will be very happy to have done them and to be finished with another semester here at Embry-Riddle.

I have recently moved and am having a good time with my new roommate. We have been staying up lately from times exceeding up to 04:00, it’s fun but crazy the next morning when you have to wake up. We hang out outside the school also a lot and go to the mall to pick up some ladies J. JK. I just slept the whole day and I am starving..going to go downstairs to eat with my buddies….GOTTA love college!


November 17, 2005

Whats up?!?
I hope everyone is excited about upcoming Thanksgiving. We here, cannot wait because that means we get a week off! A week off from school here means its like a month off. We are all really excited and can’t wait.

My days here at Riddle have been the same. In every class, my grades have been improving which is excellent! I have two exams coming up this week and have to get ready for because I need to get B¹s in them! Our Embry-Riddle Soccer Team is hosting the NAIA¹s this upcoming week and it will be massively crowded. But since it will be during the Thanksgiving break, many of us will be home and attendance will not be as big as it should be. We just collected for the third time the Regional Championships this Sunday in Georgia and are playing our opponents which we beat in the finals in the first round.

I really feel like playing soccer. This weekend they had a tournament with about 10 teams nine on nine with a registration fee of $100. I had a few good players but that’s it, didn¹t want to get embarrassed and therefore didn’t end up playing. I usually play every night some soccer either across the Street at Daytona Community College or here at Riddle on their fields.

I was looking around for a job because sometimes we really get bored, and I found myself a job near NASCAR as some customer service agent with my friend. I will be starting around December, but hopefully he will know that I will not be here during that time. I have been recently getting many e-mails from you guys! That is excellent and I do not mind one bit to answer any questions, feel free to contact me anytime. I will be undergoing a few changes here and moving to a different room because of some problems in my room. I will be moving 3 stories down as I am on the 5th floor, and I’ll be living with a buddy of mine which will be fun.

Recently I got back from Winghouse here, I¹ve been starting to eat those hot wings, they are so goooooood!!!! Sunday is the day here everyone gets busy with schoolwork, but still there are many that don’t and receive bad grades in school. Monday is my bad day, I gotta wake up at 7 am because I have a lab at 7:50. I had an exam on Friday in my AS120 class and I got a 84. I was disappointed because I was sure I got an A. But I will see my mistakes tomorrow. It was mostly about Air Traffic Control and some weather stuff that was not easy to get. I think the most I got wrong was about the Weather. I went out and played soccer again that night before the test, I was dead tired that night but still had to study for my test. I studied from like 11-3, but there were like 3 questions that I knew I had a 50-50 chance at. Overall, I did good.

So this Thursday, I will be leaving home because on Friday I have to give my Fingerprints to the FBI for citizenship. Then I will be here on Monday and Tuesday then back off home!! I can’t wait to get back home and see my family and dog! I also can¹t wait to hang out with my friends a little bit.

Ok, guys Good luck with everything E-mail me if you have any questions. I¹ve been continuing to answer all your emails and will so. DinkoResidovic@hotmail.com AIM: Mafia6663