September 22, 2005

Hello everyone, I am now a student at the school of my dreams!! YEAH!!, and this is my first on-line student journal entry, so you should feel lucky to read it!! hehe. . lets see, what to write about. . umm, college is just as I suspected, it’s tough at times and at other times it’s just having lots and lots and lots of fun with your new friends. .there’s lots to do around here in Daytona, not just on campus, , DUH! so far, it feels as if there hasn’t been a dull moment yet, it’s the best, . . I didn’t think Embry-Riddle would be like this, I figured it would be a study study study study school . . although you do study, .. people like to have fun too. just like everyone else, . .. the only hard thing for me is that I’m from wwwaaaayyyyy up north, and I get homesick sometimes, but hey, people miss the place they grew up at. . ya know? but the fact that I am in DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA, overrides that most of the times. . umm. . some things that I have done since I’ve been here, .. well, my first night at Riddle, some sigma chi brothers took me and my suitemates to one of their parties, met some cool people, went to the beaches, movies.(movies theaters down here are humungous!!), putt putt golf is insane, huge entertainment buildings everywhere w/ go carts, lasertag, games, etc. . . the pool is here on campus, hang out w/ friends till the early morn. . .I’ve been to molly browns a few times. if you don’t know what that is look it up .. : ). . umm wow. there’s just so much,. .. if you have any questions on what there is to do , just email me at k? cool

I am an Aero Sci major, which means, I’M A PILOT!! I have no flight experience what so ever, but that’s the best way to go here at riddle cuz you’re learning the RIDDLE way of flying, cuz pilots who already have their private, have to learn new things the riddle way. . but yup . . I do have 2 hrs in the simulator though, which is so real, you might as well be up there. . . I caught my self leanin’ a couple of times in the sim. . it felt so real, it’s the greatest feeling to sit in a cockpit of any kind, .. I got goosebumps. . people are a lil behind on their flight time due to tropical storm Ophelia.. it lasted about 4 days and swept the beaches away and they had to import sand so we could have a beach again. . I’ve been laying low and hitchin rides from everyone else cuz the gas prices are ridiculous, although they are going down, they are still high.. umm. . to wrap things up .. the main point I’m trying to get across to all you guys who plan on attending riddle, it’s a great environment , it really is .. the upperclassmen will make sure you have a good time if you meet the right ones. . the teachers are nice ( well, mine are) . . ummm. ( I’m really scatterbrained if you can’t tell ). . the annoying thing about riddle, is that most of the classes are on-line, which gets pretty weird sometimes. . I still not really used to it. .. well ladies and gents, .. I have to get ready for work, I hope I gave you a decent impression of what you might expect form riddle, if anyone has ANY questions, email me or msg me on AIM my screen name on AOL is gibso2j …. . .I don’t have my laptop yet cuz I spent the money fixing my car I wrecked before I came down so I would have a car, but I’m gettin one for my b-day which is September 30th and my Abercrombie&Fitch co-workers are throwing a big party for me!! should be great, .. buy ya, any questions? feel free to get back at me. . buh bye!

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