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**Favorite Movie:** Paparazzi
**Career Goal:** To become a professional airline pilot and go as far as I can in baseball
**Interests:** baseball, flying, movies, having fun, friends, going to the beach, travel. mainly having fun.

April 4, 2006

What’s up everyone!?!? Hope everyone had an AWESOME spring break, my trip to Sarasota was the best road trip I’ve had in a while. We missed like 2 exits but ended up finding our way back just fine. We missed the exit in Orlando and the way to get back to the highway was to go through Orland Studios, I was there when I was a kid but can’t remember, so I can’t wait to go!! My roommate and I stayed at his Godmothers home… fun time, came back and finished spring break here in Daytona!!! Spent some time with my Bri-Baby.! Studied the last night…

The school week after spring break went by SO fast. It was nuts.. I love it when that happens, oddly enough. The weekend was slow, even with daylight savings time. Pretty coool. I saw ICE AGE 2:the meltdown… HILARIOUS.. gotta love it!! Also saw Stay Alive, not too bad. I have TONS of work and studying to do its unREAL! All through the 7th I have MAD work to do, but this weekend will be great, gonna feel good to get all that done. We’ve been looking for new houses again, not ones to buy but to rent. We’re looking at one right now that is 100 yards from the beach in Port Orange. 3 bdrm with a guest house 2 bath with with an in ground pool in the front yard. Solid fencing the WHOLE way around, nice drive way, good landscaping, a bar facing the pool, NICE!! Split it 4 ways it won’t be over 450/ month. . .good stuff!! dream life!!. I’m hoping to get a crotch rocket soon, I always wanted one, but after bike week I’m so motivated to get one.. eBay will to the trick, eBay is the best.

The whole baseball deal is going pretty good.. the season got pushed back a week, but since I messed up my arm skating it was just pure luck for me, we had a practice game type thing today with New Smyrna, my team killed ’em.. I had two homers, one solo one a two run shot.. Feels good to play again, I hope I make the team here at Riddle next year… that would be incredible! I just gotta work a bit.. like this amateur league is a warm up for next season.. can’t wait!

BCR this weekend was just nuts, cops were seriously EVERYWHERE. Every street there was a cop I kid you not. A1A had a cop car every 50 yards in the middle of the road or so, my girl and I went to go out for dinner Sunday night and everything in the main part of town was shut down early.. so we went to Olive Garden near campus. I went to the beach Saturday, the CRAZIEST cars I’ve EVER seen on the beach. Impalas with huge rims, old Cadillacs, you know, the “pimped” cars. .lol. . Played football on the beach, couple random guys got in too.. fun stuff, then when we got hot we would of course go for a dip, the water was EXCELLENT. It’s getting better every week! The beach is awesome, especially since I’m from the north.. if I ever have kids, this is where I would want them to grow up.. corny?, lol. . nah, for real, it’s a great place! Speaking of homes, I miss MY home back in pa, good old Oil City. Hoping to get home for Easter, this upcoming Sunday is Palm Sunday so I’ll probably go to church before my practice or ball game..I want all my friends and family to meet my girlfriend Brianna… can’t wait for that!..

Well, I’m really tired, had a rough weekend and ball game and beach today, I’m pooped and it’s almost 4 am.. have class at 9:15.. BED TIME!!. lol.. Just one more thing, I found this SWEET fake palm tree like almost 7 ft tall out side next to the bridge and brought it to our room, it’s legit. lol. One man’s trash is another mans treasure, funny cuz it’s true!. .okay I’m done, don’t forget to email with any question or IM me… blackboard helps too cuz you can get feedback from a bunch of people.. have a good one everyone!! Justin OUT!!. . ( from meet the fockers ). . . ahaha ok.. ya. well . . night!!

March 7, 2006

Hello journal readers,

The past couple weeks have just been the craziest couple of weeks down here. So much fun!! I got on a baseball team!! Daytona Beach Pirates!! Really good team, the kind of team who messes around at practice but still beats the crap out of EVERYONE! This Journal is going to be quite random because I am in a hurry to get out and have some more fun, it’s about 80 something out right now and all I hear is bikes roaring the streets of Daytona! The house deal isn’t quite working out too well, but we are looking for apartments for the summer, I will probably end up staying for the summer to finish up my flight.

Bike week thus far has just been PURE fun, seeing chicks dancing on tables outside of bars on Main St, sexy ladies wearing chaps, crazy bikes, it’s just fun to take a stroll around the city for the fun of it because there is SO much action going on. Just last Saturday, one of the clubs here at Embry-Riddle had a big party at the marina, I heard the cops showed up. I didn’t go, it was mayhem, too many people, I like the smaller parties, group of like 20 or so. There were hundreds of people at this party.

My grades are decent, slippin’ in speech tho. I have this thing about talking in front of an audience, I think it’s because when I was a kid, I would read readings and psalms in church, and words from the bible can be ridiculously hard sometimes and it meant so much to read in church, so that pressure pretty much destroyed me for public speaking. I rearranged my room the other night, we bunked the beds, put dressers together with the TV on top, catty-cornered the fridge in the corner, have a surf board hanging from the ceiling, and HUGE black light. It’s a pretty legit set up, YEAH! I’m hoping on getting a futon here pretty quick, that would be nice for guests and movies and stuff.

Although it’s been fun down here, and I mean CRAZY fun, I still get LOADED with work and studies.. my advice to everyone, don’t slack the SLIGHTEST bit! It’ll catch up to ya. I’ve been doing pretty good considering how bad I procrastinated in high school, you have to stay on the ball in college. This week I have 3 tests, 2 papers and a speech due, and this weekend is the last weekend for bike week so you KNOW I’m celebrating all my hard work!! It’s the BEST feeling knowing you worked and got things done!

Well, speaking of work, I better get back to working on my studies ‘n’ things. peace out everyone!

PS… spring break is coming up baby!!! YOU, YEAH. . … YOU!!!! YEAH YOU!! YOU SHOULD COME DOWN TO DAYTONA BEACH AND CHECK OUT EMBRY-RIDDLE !!!!! NO DOUBT!!! It’ll be a WONDERFUL preview!!!

February 24, 2006

Hello again everyone!!!…WOW!!!, what an AMAZING two weeks it’s been since my last entry, it seems like so many great things have happened, so much fun, studying, meeting new incredible people. The past two weeks here in Daytona Beach, FL at Embry-Riddle have been nothing but incredible. Well.. almost, my g/f got ridda me. HER loss huh ladies!?!? Just as long as she’s happy I guess.. : ).

The first week of my last two weeks (which is about 2 weeks ago! haha ) I had an excellent school week, not much homework. But THREE first tests that I did fairly well on, I could have done better of course. I did better than I thought I would on all of them so that made me feel good, like a LOT was lifted off of my shoulders after I took those tests. My ground professor for AS133 gave us a HUGE break from class. We had off a Wednesday for anyone who finished the practice written test, (I did) so I didn’t have to go Wednesday. And he had a JetBlue seminar in Orlando last Friday, so we didn’t have class then, PLUS Presidents day!! It was a nice break from ground school, but it also felt quite good to get things rollin’ again. Hmm.. can’t really think of anything else deadline with school other than the baseball team is kickin’ butt like usual.

OUTSIDE of school/studies, things can only get better!! RACE WEEK was all last week, EVERYNIGHT I was over at the track meeting INCREDIBLE people!! I met the guys who sang the National anthem for the truck races, they cooked breakfast a bunch of times but me and my buds never went! ha.. Will Ferrell was there, Will Smith, President Bush (whoopty doo) and tons of other people. My roommate and I met a really great guy who hooked us up big time for the Daytona 500. I’ll get into that later tho. The races during race week were unbelievable, although I was in the infield most of the time, when I DID get into the grandstand for the Hershey race it was the BEST experience ever. I never even THOUGHT that those stands could hold that many people, I sat at Petty tower, which is way up in the checkered seat section. I like it up there so I can actually see the whole race. I was so used to being so close and only seeing the race as the cars flew by where ever we were, but sitting in the stands was a WHOLE new experience. Now about that guy that hooked up my friends and I with a BEAUTIFUL infield spot for the Daytona 500. He had a HUGE layer platform RIGHT at turn 4. It was the sweetest day ever!! THAT was just race week, there is still bike week to come and SPRING BREAK!!! Although I’m not quite sure what to do for spring break yet, I have a LOT of friends who want to come down, so maybe that’s what I’ll do. Which leads me to my next wonderful chunk of news.

One of my wing mate’s dad BOUGHT him a house here in Daytona just 2.1 miles from the school. Just so happens that RIGHT across the street in the wonderful community, there is ANOTHER gorgeous house for sale, not quite sure about the info yet, but I think it’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, kitch, living, dining room, remote garage. It’s just a beautiful home in a wonderful neighborhood SO close to the school. So my roommate and I and our buddy plan on BUYING it. It’s SUCH a nice house. It has a big back yard and a screened in back patio/porch. It’s got a couple big trees outside for shade and it’s right on the corner! Moving in there would be like pleasantville heaven!! haha. There are SO many advantages to this also… we’re practically buying it, getting mortgage to help pay for it, we’re all getting credit cards to pay for it with frequent flyer miles, if we DON’T decide to stay, we can just sell the house again, for MORE, just in the past while the house went up SEVEN GRAND!! You don’t even wanna know how much it is!! Let’s just say it’s over a quarter of a MILLION dollars. And also, it could be used for a later crash pad once we’re all PILOTS!! And it would be a SWEET summer house,.. I seriously feel like I’m livin’ it up down here!

Well everyone, I’m about to head out to get some errands done, I’m sure you’re all sick of reading by now anyway.. I feel like I have more to write about but I’m having a huge brain fart right now so I’ll save it for later or if any of you talk to me by email or AIM. And Mrs. Bevan, if you’re reading this, I wouldn’t worry about Tom, we’re all takin’ real good care of him down here!

So overall, things are definitely brightening up !! Thats a PLUS in my book. But like I said, I have to run.. so .. I’ll talk to some of you whenever and I do my best to reply to EVERYONES email, they have been pouring in like crazy lately, ..some of you have gotten detailed e-mails back from me that I hope were helpful, peace out everyone!!

ps, spring break IS coming up soon and DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA IS THE PLACE TO BE. I KID YOU NOT!!!!!!

Justin B

February 9, 2006

Hey Everyone! Hope you’re all warmed up to the school life already, I know I am, maybe I’m just saying that because I had a longer break then most of you readers. Well I’m getting ready to start flying again. I’ll probably be able to fly more this semester than last because I only have one job this semester! The Daytona 500 IS COMING UP SOON. THAT WILL BE AMAZING!! I’M GOING! It’s awesome that I get to go to the Daytona 500; it’s going to be a crazy experience, I CAN’T WAIT! Then bike week is coming up a bit later. I might rent a bike or something! The Rolex 24 was just last weekend, people were camping out near riddle and I all the fields around the airport, camp fires were burning, I love the smell of camp fires, it reminds me of home in Pennsylvania!! But anyhow, Daytona was pretty nutz during the Rolex24, I don’t even want to know how bad it’s going to get during the Daytona 500.

On to the next deal of things.. STEELERS WON THE SUPERBOWL!!!!. . It felt so good to see those guys win. It’s only right that they won. ahhaha. Bettis did well, whatta a way to retire !!! My superbowl Sunday was alright, I’m sure that it would have been better back home, I heard that back in PA, people all over the city were representin’ the Steelers!!! haha..

All of my classes are going really well right now. The only class that I EVER worry about is my Basic Aeronautics class. Only because it’s my LIFE! HAHA. Psychology is pretty cool. Makes me think about the brain quite a bit. Kinda like an endless cycle of you thinking about yourself thinking of you thinking while you’re thinking. Business is pretty much all common sense. Speech is just a bunch of people talking, including the teacher. Math is just like it was in high school, pretty easy as long as you pay attention. So school is all good.

The weather is constantly changing down here. One day it’s pouring, the next day its chilly and clear when all of a sudden there’s a tornado warning, yesterday was cloudy and muggy and tomorrow it’s gonna be beautiful, just perfectly beautiful. Me personally, I like the cool-warm full overcast days…

I had an awesome last semester, but dealt with a LOT of problems dealing with LOTS or things, pretty much everything. The big things included me TOTALING my car. Then over break, some low life thief stole my new laptop. And on top of that, my car just RANDOMLY overheated one night and wouldn’t stop. SO!,.. I had EVERYONE look at my car EXCEPT my dad. lol, I had mechanics tell me that I had a blown head gasket, I had my friends dad who’s a barn yard mechanic tell me that I could have water in my oil, I thought it was the radiator and it just needed some water and the antifreeze was low. lol anyway, I FINALLY told my dad and he said that the thermometer probably just got too hot and screwed up. So we went to this shop and bought a brand new thermometer for 8 bucks.. put it in, and my car ran like new again. haha thought it was pretty funny that all my car needed was an $8 part!

Well everyone, I have lots of tests coming up this week and they’re all the first tests of the semester so I need to do really well on them. I have tons of OTHER stuff to do as well. Next 2 weeks will be crazy-hectic!!! take care everyone!!

Justin B

AIM—–> gibso2j

January 26, 2006

Well everyone, it’s back to COLLEGE!! I had such a wonderful christmas break it was UNREAL! I hope all of you guys had a WONDERFUL BREAK!! I got to see all of my old friends..It felt SO good to be home again! Although it feels like i never even left here, while I was home, it felt like I was there for a lifetime! It’s a PARADOX!! AAAHHHH!!! I still have some things to straighten out with riddle since it’s the new semester, but other than that all is going VERY well! Of course I missed Daytona Beach.. I never really realized how lucky I am to go to school in the most famous beach in the world doing what I love! it’s great!!!

Embry-Riddle’s baseball season should be very interesting to watch this year, I’m still rather upset I didn’t make the team, but not making the team just gives me time to get bigger, better, faster and stronger. Plus, I have tons of free time now that I probably wouldn’t have if I were playing, but I’m still going to go to all of the games and see what I’m missing out on!!

I went to my Mom’s in Melbourne last week to see her, my nana & papa and my big brother.. it was awesome. I did tons of things with my brother. My mom cooked excellent meals all day everyday! I went for longboard rides, drove around during Saturday night dance party and got lost!! The BEST part of all was the beach party! I had the most wonderful time ever.. we had a fire on the beach in Melbourne with tiki tourches and surf boards sticking outta the sand, just like in the movies! It was sweet!!!

Well enough about things other than school, these journals are to let others realize how the school is and things about the college and life around school. Today was the launch of the probe to Pluto! It was my first sight of a rocket launch, I JUST made it outside to see it come up over the horizon!

My new roommate Tom is a LOT cooler than my last roommate. My last roommate played computer games 20/7.. I kid you not! He kept me up all the time and it was very frustrating… but ya! this semester should be a lot better than last semester. At least I hope so! I am very content with my schedule this semester, on MWF, I have math 915-1015, speech 1030-1130 then basic aero 1-2, it’s GREAT! I set up my MWF so I don’t get up TOO early, have a nice break before basic aeronautics in case I need to talk with my professor before a test or class, AND I end my day REALLY early!! Now my TTh schedule is more of a lazy sleep in day. I get up at 11, have business from 1115-1230 then set myself up with a nice 1.5 hr break, then have psychology from 215-330. I feel it’s a wonderful perfect schedule for me! and I have nights to work once I get a new job. . oh YEAH! ABERCROMBIE & FITCH…I quit that job and plan on being a server somewhere …. but until then I’m doing landscape work and building things constructionally for a Fla. state attorney! It’s AWESOME!

Well I feel like I am boring for some reason, LOL. don’t ask why.. but I’m in psychology class right now and my professor finally got the projector working so our little break is over! I have to pay attention!! bye everyone!. . ‘Til next time. . peace

December 15, 2005

Hello EVERYONE!!!!,

Well, I have officially completed my first semester of COLLEGE!!! I am so happy/excited for myself!!! Well I still have my math final on the 12th and my meteorology final on the 14th and then I’m off for my break! My grades are good and I only missed 3 classes this semester, and it wasn’t because I skipped, it was because my lazy butt slept in!. lol.

I don’t think I am going back home to Pennsylvania for Christmas, I will probably go to my Mom’s house in Melbourne.

I told you guys how I totaled my other car right? Well I did, about 3 weeks ago or so. I got on the ball, searched eBay and found a nice car over in Orlando ! I actually bought a car off of eBay. lol, that was fun. I paid $2,000 cash for it, and I have my OWN insurance THANK YOU !, not many teens have their own insurance! So I’m low on cash right now!.

My dad offered to fly me home, but I haven’t spent a real Christmas with my mom since I was about 4 or 5, and I don’t even think I was that old, I’m going to surprise her!! Although I’m going to miss ALL of my friends back home and a white Christmas, but I talked to a couple friends of mine back home and they said they all might come down for a road trip! So that will be sweet!!

School is great and everything else is going even better! I’m going to miss all of my new friends! If any of you are reading this I love ya all!!!!! College offers great memories! I love college, it is WAY better than high school will EVER be, although I DO miss the good ol’ high school days!. lol

I have ALL of my laundry done and ready to GO TO MELBOURNE FOR CHRISTMAS! Abercrombie & Fitch gave me hell for calling off for Christmas, but they have this thing called “requested time off”! Therefore I requested time off and they got all mad, and I told them I didn’t care if I didn’t work but once a month, just as long as I don’t get fired so I can still get the discounts!!haha..

I am not sure if I will continue writing my Journal over break or not, I wish I were just to see how everyone is doing and all!! if I don’t, I will always be looking on the ERAU message board and everyone has my email —>> gibso35f@erau.edu and my aol name is once again —>> gibso2j,,, so feel free to ask any questions, for those of you who have e-mailed me, you all know that I take my time in answering all of your questions in full detail. So go ahead and ask me anything you’d like and I will take the time to get all your questions answered!

Well, just a few things before I go to everyone! I WISH EVERYONE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!! And remember, Christmas isn’t just about gettin’ presents and stuffin’ your face at grandma’s house, it’s about Jesus, love, care, and friendship! All of you better be safe over the holiday! I mean it!! lol. I wish I had more to write about, but I don’t really want to take up anymore of you guys’ time, plus my friends and I are going out and finding Christmas light displays, YES, there are Christmas lights here in Florida. lol. ..


–Justin Brett Gibson (Aero Sci-ERAU) peace!!!!

November 3, 2005

That was the FASTEST 2 weeks thus far!!! I can’t believe it!! time is going by so fast down here it’s unreal, I hope it was just as fast for all of you guys!!! The past two weeks here in Daytona have been REALLY good. we had two 3 day weekends in a row which made it feel like I hadn’t been to my Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes FOREVER. . which felt really good! we had a Monday off due to hurricane WILMA!! and last Friday off due to homecoming, and I didn’t have UNIV 101 all that week either, so it was a BEE-EE-EEHH-YOU-TIFUL week last week! I never get why they give these huge hurricanes lil wimpy names like Katrina, Wilma and tropical storm Ophelia, they need names like BERTHA or something., haha.. I had LOTS of fun over for the SPOOKY holiday. went to a big sigma chi party, it was fun, really fun. there were lots of really crazy costumes there, LOTS OF FIRE CHICKS!!! haha. I was a mime. I was going to go trick or treating with some friends but ended up going with an older buddy of mine on his instrumental check ride, which was a LOT better than trick or treating!! down on the first floor south wing of Doolittle, they turned it into a haunted hall which is pretty sweet, I haven’t been in it yet, but it should be up for a while so I’ll be sure to check it out sometime soon. Over in Spruance Hall earlier today, EVERYONE on staff and faculty was all dressed up, it was pretty cool! usually we don’t hand out candy at Abercrombie&Fitch cuz they are dumb and have stupid policies, but our manager hated saying no to the little kids all the time, so she gave in and gave out candy. . it was pretty nice of her. there were TONS of little kids running around campus and the students were handin’ out candy, only at Mckay tho, cuz there doors are outside, at least that’s all i saw on my way to the flight line. cute kids! That’s about it for Halloween!! lol

as for other things, i’ve had a busy past couple of days, . i got my Private Pilot book stolen from me or i misplaced it. . lol. . so i didn’t have a book for about a week and a half and that was a killer, so i had to work on finding it, i ended up finding out that some chick took it from me during a study session 2 fridays ago, and she left my papers in it ,and my professor found it. .lol. . my car is acting up right now, the right brake is being DUMB! it locks up every once in a while and i have to pull over if it gets bad to let it cool down or something it’s weird. . lol. i keep putting it off which isn’t good. . haha. i finally got my FIRST credit card bill, almost 2 months LATER!! the minimum payment is only FIFTEEN bucks, i was surprised, that’s pathetic! but of course i’m gonna pay more than that … but enough about that stuff.,,

More and more people IM me EVERY DAY, which is pretty cool. If you wanna know about the campus or Riddle or what i’ve been doing here in Daytona, i can answer you w/ specific details, but i’m a new one when it comes to the aeronautics. . so i can only tell you what i know, i have a friend who’s only 19 and has a LOT accomplished already, he has his private, multi, CFI, instrument, commercial and is currently working on his CFII, cfi=certified flight instructor. . i don’t know what cfii stands for because it sounds weird if you say certified flight instructor instructor. . lol, but i know that with a cfii you can teach instrument. he’s a cool kid. right now we are working on weight, balance and performance in my basic aero sci class, it’s very interesting stuff, sometimes it gets REALLY tough since i’m new at everything, my professor acts like everyone should already know this stuff which is bull crap, so he just flys by all the charts from the C172 manual and expects us to kow it all, but here’s the deal, EVERY time i get in a cock pit, it just gives me goosebumps and motivates me sssoooo much.

The florida skyfest was this past weekend, i saw some pretty amazing things, but the best feeling was sitting in the cockpit of a KC-135 i think it was, a BIG 4 turbine engine military aircraft, about as big as a 737 or so, it was like i got a glimpse of my future!! ’twas AMAZING. i saw history flights (so they say ) from the P-51 mustang, and the A-10, but the best part of the air show was the turbo truck. which was a semi with THREE JET ENGINES on the back, here is a lil math problem for that —> 3 turbine engines + big rig wrecker = 36 THOUSAND horse power, YA! it was ridiculous, i was cussin’ up a storm when i saw that thing take off after a stunt plane passed it, it beat the crap outta the stunt plane. the stunt plane passed ever the truck and went flying by, then the turbo truck took off and passed the stunt plane with NO PROBLEM, it went from 0-350 in like 5 seconds i kid you not!! well folks, i’ve been up for about 2 days STRAIGHT, and i aint kiddin’, my eyes are stinging me and i’m squinting in the dark, and i get goofy when i don’t sleep, i get all slappy happy sometimes, lol, but ya, i’m gonna get some sleep, it’s 11:19 right now and i don’t have to get up until noon:30 so i can get some good sleep time!! once again for all you readers who are new, my AIM name is gibso2j if you wanna chat, i have tons of new online friends! most of you know who you are! so yeah, IM sometime w/ questions and i’ll help ya out as best i can! tell ya more about my Riddle experiences! haha, well i’m off to bed now folks ! and just a lil FYI.!! no matter HOW much you hate highschool or your hometown (if you do) you definitely miss it! enjoy high school while you can!, not that college life isn’t better, BECAUSE IT IS! , but it’s hard to explain, you’ll see what i mean some day, haha, well , i’m off to bed now, for real, haha, bye everyone!

October 20, 2005

Hello all you journal readers,

I hope everyone is doing good!! things are getting better here in Daytona Beach. School is going good, my grades are up and all is well! The past 2 weeks have been VERY exciting down here. Not much has happened here around school other than sports events! I went to the Riddle vs FSU hockey game last friday, IT WAS INCREDIBLE!! the place was packed with wild and crazy fans, we beat them 5-1! Riddle is awesome at sports, anyway, we were hitting them REAL hard, no fights though. My favorite saying of the night came around when there was about 2 minutes left in the game. Everyone was like “warm up the bus, warm up the bus, it’s time go hooommmeee” and everyone whips out their keys and shakes them. it was REALLY fun!! I recommend anyone who hasn’t gone to a hockey game before. .. GOO!! there are incredible. I went to visit my older brother in Melbourne last weekend, he took me out with his friends then we went to a bar and listened to local bands. (there are some gooodd garage bands out there) I helped him move into his new place. I was really sore and all, and his g/f runs her own massage clinic, so i got hooked up with FREE PAMPERING!! I worked yesterday and it was the best work day i’ve had since i’ve worked there! all we did was mess around and take pictures all day, it was great.

The weather around here is FINALLY clearing up, it kept raining day in and day out, but it hasn’t been raining that much at all!!! It’s been really nice, it’s not too hot either. Like 2 or 3 days out of the week it’s typical hot florida, but any other time it’s actually kind of cool, and I’m from up north, but I’m beginning to become a Floridian, so cool to me now is like 75 or so. At night it drops down to about 68 or so i’m guessing, I had to wear a hoodie last night. I was loaded with homework the past week, i felt like i had too much to do EVERY NIGHT, air space and flight planning worksheets, plotting, writing essays, studying for test/quizzes, reading books, studying things i wasn’t quite sure of. I’m sure EVERYONE has had one of those weeks where you’re just like “PLEASE JUST GIVE US A BREAK!” but it’s weird how every teacher/professor loads you with stuff all at once. Things have settled down now that we’re into the new chapters and things.

I have had lots of people add me to their AIM list and ask me questions, I’d be glad to answer ANY questions that ANYONE has about ANYTHING. I know a lil bit more than most freshman around here, where to go for what, who to call to know this, ways around different things, etc. once again for those who haven’t been reading or haven’t read my journal and what not, my AIM screen name is gibso2j . . so yeah, i’m usually up rrreeeaaalllll llate all the time, I’m an insomniac, which means I can’t sleep or have problems getting to sleep, and the cool thing is, it doesn’t affect me at all, until the weekends when I WANT to stay up. Anyway, you guys can contact me at anytime. Questions about housing, where is the best place to live, meal plans, car or no car?, things like that.

Things are starting to get a little hectic here in Daytona because of Biketoberfest this upcoming weekend! I was out and about Saturday night and it took me 10 minute to move one block on A1A, bikers are EVERYWHERE and things have BARELY BARELY heated up yet, I hear that you can’t get ANYWHERE once it all starts up , the best thing to do is walk, but my friends and I have some cheap rooms along the beach that we’ve reserved for this wknd, I don’t know if I’m going or not because my McKay hall friends invited me to an NHL game on the 22, but bike week is bike WEEK so i’ll have plenty of time to check out all the sweet street bikes..THE FOOD IS GREAT! I had about 7 meal plans left and went over to the cafateria EARLY (or else all the good drinks and snacks are gone ) and used up all my meal plans and stocked up my room with food, drinks, and snacks!! I had Sobes, chocolate milk, subs, pizza, chicken wraps, starbucks coffee, cookies, pies, just EVERYTHING, . ’twas good. Anyway, basically I’ve just been having fun ever since I got here, but the downside is I miss my girl, she knows who she is. Relationships can get tough during college, but anywho..

I got bored early on today and decided to make up a scavenger hunt list, and I got about like 12 guys and 3 girls to join, and we’re going in teams of 3 and doing EVERYTHING on the list, we have to record it so we have proof, and see who gets done first, .. my list of things is CRAZY!! So I’m off to do that here pretty quick, the hunt should take about 5 hrs or so, maybe longer, I just wanted to see how everyone was doing and let everyone know that Riddle is an OOKKKK place! hehe. well, if anyone wuld like to know about anythig else or my experiences thus far, just let me know by AIM, or post your thoughts/requests up on the message board, thanks guys!! c-ya!

October 6, 2005

hello journal readers,

hope everyone is having a good day!! things are going good here in Daytona Beach, Florida that’s for sure. I’m really exciting about working at Aercrombie&Fitch tonight. It’s the Christmas season preview and all the customers get their pics taken with the employees and I’m not sure if we’re having some models at the entrance or not, but it’s gonna be really fun! and yesterday was my b-day (( 19 !!! ) and my manager said that if there is an Abercrombie party after everyone gets off, it could be my b-day party thing too. So that’s cool! So my work life is absolutely amazing. I went to the beach last night with some friends of mine and had a good time, then it started pouring down rain, then it stopped, then it poured again, then it stopped, lol,. . but that’s how it is here!

School is pretty much settled down now, everyone has their schedule and classes memorized, everybody knows where everything is, and what’s going on around campus, new friends just keep piling up and up . I love it here. school can get hectic at points but that’s when you buckle down and take about 4-5 hours alone and get things done, or however long it takes for you to do your work/study. I have been doing all the online stuff on my roommates computer, but i will be getting my laptop in less than 2 weeks, it’s one of the dell inspiron ones. the widescreen one with everything, i went all out!! my dad got it for me for my b-day and is sending it down over-night once it gets up there! i’m excited.! ERAU is asking all of us students what we think about putting another fitness center in where the old counseling center used to be, i told them that not very many students would want that, i think it would be cool if they put something else there. . like a day spa or something, for students only, and we could all use our Riddle Bucks to pay! that would be sweet!! i was going to go home this weekend and see my mom who lives in melbourne, but this whole work thing is a big deal at A&F and if i don’t go i could lose my job cuz it’s only a select few that got scheduled for this big day, and i had plans , but i think it will be worth it!! i mean, who wouldn’t want there picture taken with a bunch of hott girls! i have to rap things up here pretty quick, i was up late last night and just woke up a bit ago and it’s already 3 o’clock and i have to get ready to go to work cuz it’s a big day!!! and i still need to shower and stuff. .ummm i’ve been getting a lot of e-mails from people lately, and my box is crazy every day, so if anyone has any questions, please post them up on the discussion board under the appropriate category and other journal writers and myself with do our best to answer you questions to the fullest extent! well everybody, sorry so short, my next entry will be more detailed and longer, i promise!! i’m in a rush right now .. sooooo hope everyone is good and i will talk to all of you soon!!

ps, my AIM screen name is gibso2j if anyone has AOL IM. . it’s always fun to chat instead of mailing and posting questions. . bye guys!!

September 22, 2005

Hello everyone, I am now a student at the school of my dreams!! YEAH!!, and this is my first on-line student journal entry, so you should feel lucky to read it!! hehe. . lets see, what to write about. . umm, college is just as I suspected, it’s tough at times and at other times it’s just having lots and lots and lots of fun with your new friends. .there’s lots to do around here in Daytona, not just on campus, , DUH! so far, it feels as if there hasn’t been a dull moment yet, it’s the best, . . I didn’t think Embry-Riddle would be like this, I figured it would be a study study study study school . . although you do study, .. people like to have fun too. just like everyone else, . .. the only hard thing for me is that I’m from wwwaaaayyyyy up north, and I get homesick sometimes, but hey, people miss the place they grew up at. . ya know? but the fact that I am in DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA, overrides that most of the times. . umm. . some things that I have done since I’ve been here, .. well, my first night at Riddle, some sigma chi brothers took me and my suitemates to one of their parties, met some cool people, went to the beaches, movies.(movies theaters down here are humungous!!), putt putt golf is insane, huge entertainment buildings everywhere w/ go carts, lasertag, games, etc. . . the pool is here on campus, hang out w/ friends till the early morn. . .I’ve been to molly browns a few times. if you don’t know what that is look it up .. : ). . umm wow. there’s just so much,. .. if you have any questions on what there is to do , just email me at gibso35f@erau.edu.. k? cool

I am an Aero Sci major, which means, I’M A PILOT!! I have no flight experience what so ever, but that’s the best way to go here at riddle cuz you’re learning the RIDDLE way of flying, cuz pilots who already have their private, have to learn new things the riddle way. . but yup . . I do have 2 hrs in the simulator though, which is so real, you might as well be up there. . . I caught my self leanin’ a couple of times in the sim. . it felt so real, it’s the greatest feeling to sit in a cockpit of any kind, .. I got goosebumps. . people are a lil behind on their flight time due to tropical storm Ophelia.. it lasted about 4 days and swept the beaches away and they had to import sand so we could have a beach again. . I’ve been laying low and hitchin rides from everyone else cuz the gas prices are ridiculous, although they are going down, they are still high.. umm. . to wrap things up .. the main point I’m trying to get across to all you guys who plan on attending riddle, it’s a great environment , it really is .. the upperclassmen will make sure you have a good time if you meet the right ones. . the teachers are nice ( well, mine are) . . ummm. ( I’m really scatterbrained if you can’t tell ). . the annoying thing about riddle, is that most of the classes are on-line, which gets pretty weird sometimes. . I still not really used to it. .. well ladies and gents, .. I have to get ready for work, I hope I gave you a decent impression of what you might expect form riddle, if anyone has ANY questions, email me or msg me on AIM my screen name on AOL is gibso2j …. . .I don’t have my laptop yet cuz I spent the money fixing my car I wrecked before I came down so I would have a car, but I’m gettin one for my b-day which is September 30th and my Abercrombie&Fitch co-workers are throwing a big party for me!! should be great, .. buy ya, any questions? feel free to get back at me. . buh bye!