October 6, 2005

hello journal readers,

hope everyone is having a good day!! things are going good here in Daytona Beach, Florida that’s for sure. I’m really exciting about working at Aercrombie&Fitch tonight. It’s the Christmas season preview and all the customers get their pics taken with the employees and I’m not sure if we’re having some models at the entrance or not, but it’s gonna be really fun! and yesterday was my b-day (( 19 !!! ) and my manager said that if there is an Abercrombie party after everyone gets off, it could be my b-day party thing too. So that’s cool! So my work life is absolutely amazing. I went to the beach last night with some friends of mine and had a good time, then it started pouring down rain, then it stopped, then it poured again, then it stopped, lol,. . but that’s how it is here!

School is pretty much settled down now, everyone has their schedule and classes memorized, everybody knows where everything is, and what’s going on around campus, new friends just keep piling up and up . I love it here. school can get hectic at points but that’s when you buckle down and take about 4-5 hours alone and get things done, or however long it takes for you to do your work/study. I have been doing all the online stuff on my roommates computer, but i will be getting my laptop in less than 2 weeks, it’s one of the dell inspiron ones. the widescreen one with everything, i went all out!! my dad got it for me for my b-day and is sending it down over-night once it gets up there! i’m excited.! ERAU is asking all of us students what we think about putting another fitness center in where the old counseling center used to be, i told them that not very many students would want that, i think it would be cool if they put something else there. . like a day spa or something, for students only, and we could all use our Riddle Bucks to pay! that would be sweet!! i was going to go home this weekend and see my mom who lives in melbourne, but this whole work thing is a big deal at A&F and if i don’t go i could lose my job cuz it’s only a select few that got scheduled for this big day, and i had plans , but i think it will be worth it!! i mean, who wouldn’t want there picture taken with a bunch of hott girls! i have to rap things up here pretty quick, i was up late last night and just woke up a bit ago and it’s already 3 o’clock and i have to get ready to go to work cuz it’s a big day!!! and i still need to shower and stuff. .ummm i’ve been getting a lot of e-mails from people lately, and my box is crazy every day, so if anyone has any questions, please post them up on the discussion board under the appropriate category and other journal writers and myself with do our best to answer you questions to the fullest extent! well everybody, sorry so short, my next entry will be more detailed and longer, i promise!! i’m in a rush right now .. sooooo hope everyone is good and i will talk to all of you soon!!

ps, my AIM screen name is gibso2j if anyone has AOL IM. . it’s always fun to chat instead of mailing and posting questions. . bye guys!!

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