November 3, 2005

These past two weeks have been some of the busiest most fun times I have had in Daytona yet. We just had homecoming and it was so much fun. My Fraternity built a float on the back of a Ryder trailer and we made it into a pirate ship. The theme of the homecoming parade was “Once Upon a Time,” so we did Pinocchio. For some reason we all dressed up as pirates and had one person wear a long nose to represent Pinocchio, but it was a lot of fun.. When our float went under the walkway near the student village, our mast on the pirate ship hit and snapped in half, it was really funny and the crowd was very amused, but duck-tape did the job to get it back up. We didn’t win any awards for our float because some of the other organizations went through extremes in decorating, but the surf club won the best on-campus sign.

Besides the parade, the Touch and Go production team hired Carlos Mencia to do a show one of the nights and he was really good. He is the comedian with his own show on Comedy Central “Mind of Mencia.” This past week was also Sky Fest and Alumni weekend for my Fraternity besides the entire school. We had a big BBQ right along the airport and watched all of the aerobatics and fighter jets perform their shows right above our heads. They even had a jet engine mac truck rip down the runway. My favorite part of the show would have to be the A-10 doing low fly-bys simulating air-to-ground bombings with actual pyrotechnics and fire. It gave me the chills every time the A-10 would fly over because I am sure it has been the last thing many people have seen who fight against the US. After the BBQ that night, everyone got together and we all partied ³responsibly² with the Alumni. Pledging is still “going,” but there is only 2 more weeks I have to make it through until I am done.

As far as academics are going, I just survived my second series of major exams which all happened in to be in the same week again. I did really well on every one of them and am really getting motivated to keep up the good work. Going to class ever day is becoming a bit of a challenge now, but since I am doing this good so far why waste my previous effort by being lazy? In my ATC classes we are going over a lot of familiar stuff to me since I am already a pilot, but reviewing sectionals and basic navigation could never hurt. I am so excited to be going to Embry-Riddle for ATC, I just finished scheduling my classes for next semester and the ATC ones look like so much fun.

That’s is it for this entry. Keep the questions coming those of you who have been sending me them. Until next time work hard and stay out of trouble.

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