November 17, 2005

Hey again, readers! I’ve gotta admit all I can think about right now is going home for Thanksgiving. I was originally going to be staying here until we got out for Christmas break, but now I get to leave as early as the 20th, so a week from today I’ll be back on the West Coast. Yay! Since I’m leaving early I’m going to be missing three days of school, which is kind of going to screw me over, but I’ll just have to study hard when I get back. One of those three days that I’m missing is going to be for the base visit, which I decided to do. I’ll update on that more after it actually happens, but that should be fun. I think that’ll probably be the most traveling I’ve ever done in one weekend: Daytona to Charleston/Shaw to Dayton, OH to Charleston/Shaw to Daytona, THEN to Orlando (and briefly Atlanta) then Seattle. So I’ll say I’m just pretty stoked in general. Sadly, I think I’m probably more excited about flying and transferringplanes and stuff in the airport than I am about actually being home. It’s going to be fun though, I’m excited to see some of my old friends and go to familiar places.

When I was getting ready to come here, I remember thinking it would be kind of a relief not having a lot of girls around because guys are generally a lot easier to get along with. Now, that I’m here though, there’s a lot of stuff that I really miss doing with girls, like getting pedicures and getting your hair done and all that. Guys suck at gossiping, too, sorry. NICE gossip, though 😉 Girls can be pretty mean to each other, so that makes it a little intimidating to try to strike up a friendship with a girl you’ve never seen before.

In other news, classes are about the same as usual. I’m not doin’ too great or anything, but I usually manage to pull everything up before the end of the semester. The weird thing is, this last week, I felt like I totally got electricity, and ended up doing pretty bad on that test. Then in my regs class (FAA regulations and all that good stuff) I hadn’t been paying any attention at all and had basically given up even passing that class ’cause I just thought there was absolutely no way I could flat out memorize everything right before class when I’d been basically sleeping with my eyes open throughout the period since we started that unit. Well by the grace of God, I didn’t do that bad at all. In fact, I did a lot better than some people who thought they knew everything way better than me. So I think I witnessed a miracle this week.

ROTC’s pretty great as usual. A lot of times I wish it was more intense, but whatever, I’m not complaining. Tomorrow morning all cadets, whether or not you’re usually morning or afternoon lead lab, have it at 5:30 AM. We’re supposedly doing some parade thing, but no one I’ve talked to really seems to get why, since only the crazy people will be up that early.

That’s all for now, email me if you have any questions ( , and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Alright, peace out, guys!

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