November 17, 2005

Hi Everyone!
The semester is going by so fast that I just can’t believe it! My flight home is already just a month away! I can’t wait to see my family and friends and especially Doug. I’ve been getting really homesick lately, but I found that the best cure for being homesick is to do something fun. My roommate, Marjory, and I like to go to Olive Garden for lunch once in a while and to the mall just to be girly. We live in a man’s world down here with so many guys on campus. Oh! That reminds me! Marjory and I are going to be official members of the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority on Monday. (That’s when the new member’s ceremony is). I never thought I wanted to be in a sorority until I went to the Tri-Sigma ice-cream social and I had a blast! They made my laugh so hard and I love hanging out with just girls for a change too.

My classes are going really well. I don’t know what my current grade is in most of my classes, but I’m sure I have an A or a B for all of them. Chemistry is still my hardest class, but at least I’ve learned a ton in that class.

Well, I think I will be staying here for Thanksgiving break so I can study for finals. I wish I could go home but it’s not worth the time and money for such a short break, especially when I am coming home only two weeks after Thanksgiving. But, I’m really looking forward to five days of no class. Marjory is staying over Thanksgiving too, so I think we will find some fun things to do. I hope the weather will be nice so we can head to the beach and go home tan!

Have a Great Day!

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