December 1, 2005

Hi Everyone!

I stayed here for Thanksgiving break and so did my roommate. We were the only people in our hallway that stayed over break. It was so quiet around here and we got to just relax, catch up on homework, watch movies, and go shopping. We went tanning and shopping the day after Thanksgiving (which was crazy!), and we decorated our hallway for Christmas. It was fun, but I really wish I could have gone home instead. I’m getting so homesick. I can’t wait to get on my plane back to Minnesota in only two weeks! We only have eight days of class left, but I have a million things to do in those eight days. I have so many tests, papers, presentations, and finals.

My sorority is going well. I was so nervous for the new member’s ceremony, but it turned out to be okay. We are technically just a colony right now because we have only 39 members. As soon as we have 40 we can get officially installed (probably in January). I love being in a group on campus that is GIRLS ONLY! Seriously, I wanted to be in the Society of Women Engineers and Women in Aviation but guys join that too! They are everywhere!

Next semester I will be taking physics, physics lab, calculus II, machine shop laboratory, engineering drawing, and computing for engineers. The only classes I am worried about are physics and computing for engineers. I got smarter this time and I went to because the professor can make a world of difference in how painful a class is. I got some really great professors next semester. I have been told that they are very helpful and clear in their explanations, and I am looking forward to it!

Have a Great Day!

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