February 24, 2006

Hey, everyone! Hope everything is going well. We’re almost at the end of the term, so my classes are wrapping up. I’m pretty glad about it because I honestly just want to move on for now. The winglet I’ve been building for sheet metal is starting to come along a little further, and some of my hall mates have taken some interest in it. Just on a side note, if you’ve been considering engineering as a major but would rather make stuff than do paperwork, it’s possible you’ve been looking at the wrong major. Maybe you would be more interested in maintenance.

In other Riddle-related news, this week is the Daytona 500. Walking between classes, you can hear the cars on the track, and traffic in this area has been getting pretty bad at times, which is one of the very few things that makes me glad I don’t drive anywhere. I’m really starting to feel the burn of not having a car.

The only consolation I can really offer myself in the way of lacking a car is that since I’m working now, I’m slowly building up my funds. I’m working at the Phone Center as a caller. What I do basically is sit at a desk and call alumni of the school and ask for donations to the Annual Fund, which gives the school money for scholarships and the like. It’s a frustrating job, because you get a lot of refusals, and even when they have a really good reason, like they just got laid off or something, it makes you feel really inadequate because you feel like you can’t do your job right. It’s okay though, because I really need the money. Plus, I don’t have to work on Sunday or Monday this week because of the 500 and President’s day, so it’s cool.

Adding this to my schedule doesn’t help much with a lot of other things though like school work. I already have to make time in my schedule that I don’t have to do ROTC, and now I have a job to fit in there somewhere too.

I’m like 90% sure I’m going to be staying in Daytona for spring break. One, a plane ticket is expensive, two, why go to WA for spring break when you could be in Florida? and, three, I might have other plans anyway, but I’ll elaborate later. I don’t know when I’ll be home next, maybe sometime in between the end of Spring B and Summer A, but I’ll focus on that more when I get there. Right now I need to focus on food cause I’m starving, so post any questions on the discussion board and I’ll get back to you. Later!

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