February 23, 2006


Hope everybody is enjoying their last 2 months of high school, or semester at a college. Life at Embry-Riddle has not changed much since my last entry. NASCAR started, which I am sure everyone is writing about, has been crazy. I volunteered with the tennis boys for the club for about 7 hours Saturday morning and it was just crazy. The big race was on Sunday, but on Saturday was the Daytona 200 or 300, not sure.

We had cars parked on our soccer fields, our own parking areas, hotels, pretty much anywhere where they could park cars, it was used for. I have never seen anything like this so crowded before just like back home. What I found really interesting was that people could actually bring BEER with them. At times, I was a “bag control” guy, but I was never to ask for ID. Usually I’m used to seeing anyone with beer outside get arrested, but this was different. In Germany, it is extremely okay to bring beer or anything outside and walk with it. So that kind of reminded me back of home. But I got burnt! The sun was hot, around 80 I’d have to say. Everybody from our school either worked there, or volunteered because that’s what you do when NASCAR comes around here.

This is the busy time for us here in Daytona, right around Spring break. You have NASCAR, now all the motorcycles are gonna come soon and then Spring Break. The weather here has been very warm, but at times cold. So people are getting sick around the campus too. But it’s Florida, what do you expect right?

So the courses this semester are much easier for me, I am having MUCH MUCH better grades then last semester. Last semester I had chemistry, and I am not a chemistry person, nor math. This semester I am glad I don’t have to take either one of them. I did get some courses approved during the summer at a Community College so I can save myself some money. Now some of you might be asking why didn’t I do that before I even got here? Well I just KNOW what I want to do with my career and that’s why I like to get started early with everything, not only education.

Well, not much to say anymore but NASCAR was about everything this weekend. Hope everyone enjoys their months before college! It’s a lifetime experience I’d have to say..CYA! Contact me by posting your questions on the discussion board.

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