March 6, 2006


Two more weeks until Spring break, I’m sure everyone is excited. This weekend was just as the same as every other, except that we went to probably the biggest party at Embry-Riddle. There were about 3,000 people but it sure didn’t seem like there was. This was all on Friday night hosted by the Sailing Club at a yacht, or some kind of dock.

However not much has changed since my last entry. I just have an exam today (Monday) and I’m hoping it should be easy. Classes are going good and easy, nothing is actually hard as it was last semester. Our Spring Break starts here on March 20th and lasts a whole week, which I cannot wait for. I will be going back home to St. Petersburg, FL and enjoying my time with my family. I really miss home cooked food from my mom and especially Bosnian food. I will tell her to make my favorite food when I arrive. The drive from St. Petersburg to Daytona Beach is about 2.5 hrs and is not bad at all, you just have to have energy to drive and I really don’t have that. Spring Break is pretty much the only break we have until the end of this semester, so I will be looking forward to that.

This Saturday I was really tired because of Friday night, I came back to my room around 10 a.m. It was just CRAZY. I had to relax all Saturday so I can be fine for the next day, a hangover I guess is what you call it. The weather has also been really nice, getting really really warm these days but at times chilly too. Last week for some reason many people were sick, I guess due to the weather. Last time it rained must have been last week, but that was like for the second time this year.

I really have to go shopping this weekend and by myself some new shoes. The shoes I have right now are in excellent shape but I only paid $20 for them and they are not good looking LOL! Life here is fun, you usually have a lot of friends that just come to your room and hang out which makes it fun right there. You don’t have to always go out and drink to have fun, just relaxing with your friends in your room is a lot of fun too. Because I currently have no roommate, I have the whole room by myself and I don’t have to worry about anyone telling me to shut up besides my suitemates, but they are cool.

Please post any questions or AIM SN : Mafia6663

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