March 27, 2006

Once again things are going very fast and hectic here in Daytona Beach for me. Last week my Fraternity just had its big formal event, which we call the Orchid Ball. It was at a really upscale hotel in Universal Orlando and everyone definitely had a good time. My fraternity brothers voted me Pledge of the Year so I was really happy about that. Only thing that did not go right that night was that security kicked us out of the pool twice. The weekend was a really nice experience to be a part of and I am already looking forward to next year to go again.

Classes are going pretty well too. I am not doing very well in my economics class but now that I am back from Spring break, I am recharged and motivated to do what I have to in order to pull my grade up to where I want it. Humanities class is going well also. I still can’t believe how much respect towards art and music my Professor has handed off to me and my class. The other night I saw two pieces of artwork on TV and I knew the name of the paintings as well as the artists and the stories behind them; never thought I would care before I took this class. In my Aerospace Safety class, we just finished learning about A&P mechanics’ responsibilities involving the FAA, as well as airport security. I did awesome on the A&P section considering I am a fully licensed one. Finally, my ATC labs are still not going as well as I would like them to. I am having a bit of trouble in there but nothing too bad. It is more of the sense of perfection I want to attain because this class is what I hope to do in my future life. I know I have a while before graduating, but I am already anxious and nervous about getting called into the FAA academy. A few people I know have graduated Embry-Riddle already and are still waiting for their ‘call’ by the FAA. Right now I am focused on getting a really high score on my AT-SAT, which is like the controller placement exam. But, there is only so much I can do right now so doing well in classes should be my only concern.

The last big event here in Daytona was Bike Week. There were so many motorcycles everywhere you turned. One cool thing I noticed was that if you had a specific type of bike design within a manufacturer, all of those bikers would stick together and ride in huge packs. Another thing I noticed were the bonds all the bikers shared. If a motorcycle broke down on the side of the street then other bikers would immediately pull over and offer assistance. This would happen all over town. I have seen so many different bikes in one week, some of them were crazy, some weird, and a lot looked very expensive. I went to Main Street the last night of bike week and it was so loud. The noise from hundreds of motorcycles echoing off of the buildings was almost deafening. Besides Bike Week, Spring Break has been going on in Daytona for about a month now. The beaches are filled with college kids and there are cars driving up and down the beaches with those Mardi Gras beads hanging off the mirrors for those who think they will see some action. In all honesty though, don’t think that Spring Break in Daytona Beach is anything like the Spring Break you see in Cancun on MTV. It is still wild here but nothing compared to that stuff.

So much has been going on here that time is just disappearing and I know I will soon find myself back up in NJ for the summer. Hope everyone who reads my entries are finding them helpful and if there is anything you want me to talk to you about email me or post it on the discussion board before it is too late. I want to congratulate my brother Seth and his new Fiance Christy on their engagement. Stay safe during your break, have fun, and remember you only live once but don’t get caught. Enjoy your Spring Break!

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