March 27, 2006

Whaddup y’all, just thought I’d drop a line now that classes are about to begin tomorrow (sigh, back to the grind!). Spring break was great; I had some fun, though it wasn’t nearly as exciting as I would have liked it to be (!). I’m thinking I should have maybe gone back to Los Angeles as I was invited to, but it just wouldn’t have been worth the drive (and I don’t have enough credit card miles to fly back for free just yet). So yeah, I was in Daytona Beach over Spring break. I slept past noon every day, ate dinner at about 2 AM (I-Hop and I got to know each other very well), then went out with a couple of other guys who were hanging around here too, and did random stuff in and around Daytona. I think I’m about ready to go back to classes and face another month of classes and then I’m free!

Anyway, an annoying thing about my scheduling came up over break. Priority registration for Honors students begins the first day of class (which is tomorrow), so I wanted to lay my schedule out. Unfortunately, because I audited EGR 120, I now can’t take my Statics ES 201 class as I had planned. And without ES 201 I can’t go into Fluids, Dynamics and Solids (ah, the much hated three headed dragon). If I take Statics in the Fall, it will push the dragon into Spring ’07, which is the semester that I’ll be going through Field Training Preparation for the Air Force. Field Training is possibly the junction point for ROTC cadets, as it’s when we go off and live on an Air Force Base for a month. It’s a high pressure environment, designed to test your training, physical limits and mental mettle, at the end of which you move up from the General Military Course to the Professional Officer Core. It’s like boot camp for officers, and training for it is going to take up most of my time during Spring 07. If I have to deal with nine credits of Physics as well, either my grades or the Air Force is going to get second priority, and I’d really rather that didn’t happen.

So I’m going to have to take summer classes here at Riddle. So it happens that I can’t take Statics or EGR 120 at any other community college. And since they aren’t co-requisites but prerequisites, I’m going to have to take EGR 120 over Summer A and ES 201 over Summer B. That’ll unlock the dragon for me in Fall 07, and I’m in the clear come Field Training Semester. Oh well, long as I get to go back to good ol’ Cali for a while and refresh myself, I’m cool. Daytona is a lovely place; I really don’t mind staying here over the summer. The only thing that kinda sucks is that I’ll have no real vacation and I’ll be taking six credits from ERAU as well as six humanities credits from a community college and I haven’t decided on which one yet. Twelve credits over summer, nineteen planned for Fall, then cutting down to twelve (the bare minimum to keep me a full time student) FTP semester.

All right, well, that’s my sit as of right now, guys! Classes start tomorrow (I’ll be missing ROTC because I’ve gotta drive to Orlando for a job), and hopefully I’ll be able to keep it together for a month. Ciao, y’all!

MOTTO FOR THE FORTNIGHT: ‘Almost’ only counts in hand grenades and nuclear warfare.

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