April 4, 2006

Hey Readers!!!!!!

Preview weekend. This weekend. Be here!!! I can’t wait. Spring Splash and the Block Party are going to be amazing. Let me give you a bit of a schedule. The big splash begins at 12pm on Saturday. You can get food and information on what you can involve yourself in during your time at Embry-Riddle. We will have a belly-flop contest at 1pm, hosted by yours truly. At 2pm, we will have a dive contest, and at 3pm we have the bathing suit contest. You are absolutely eligible to win any of these contests and the prizes that come along with them! Bring your swim attire! I bet you will have the time of your life on Saturday and it truly gives you an idea of what Riddle is like. Also, this is our last chance to get into our pool until Spring ’07 because in a couple weeks it will be closed so that the building next to it can be torn down and rebuilt as a new fitness center.

Construction will be the theme of the next few years on the Daytona Beach Campus. As our university expands, so will our buildings. The College of Business is getting a building built for them starting this fall. This makes me extremely happy, because as our program gets to be nationally recognized, we will have a huge state of the art building to go along with it and that can only make the program stronger! The flight line is also getting some reconstruction along with some of our buildings in the academic complex (you will come to know it as alphabet soup).

Tomorrow is a huge day for the future of Task Force One. The proposed amendment of the SGA constitution including TFO as a member will be voted upon. I’m really excited about that, because the work we put in this year will hopefully pay off for you guys and gals, the future members of TFO. Just to paraphrase something in our constitution, every first year student is a member of Task Force One, whether they attend meetings or not. Task Force One serves the first year student body, so take advantage of it!!!

Classes are going great, I think. My grades are still on the rise, but I still have some projects to do, and once those are completed, I can let you know my standing a whole lot better! I’m only really worried about one class, Managerial Accounting, because it is just really, really hard to focus in a class which I have no interest in using beyond the class. But I suppose I will use it, otherwise I wouldn’t have to take it. We’ll see.

In closing this journal, I must acknowledge the fact that I have either one or two entries left. I hope this year has been as amazing for you as it has been for me. I will begin to wrap the year up in my next entry, and if I have another after that, it will be a sad, sad entry as I cry my way out of the most interesting thing I have ever had to do.

Well, Hopefully I’ll see you Saturday,

Let me know if you read my journals,

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