Getting near the end

It’s hard to believe that the summer is almost over. I have only two and a half weeks left in my internship.

Part of the requirement of being an intern at Honeywell is doing a 3-5 minute presentation on what we did over the summer to the other interns and managers. Somehow, lucky me, I get to be the first one to go.

We are doing them on Wednesday so I spent some time last week going over my notes from the summer and putting together a few slides of things I’ve done. That shouldn’t be too bad though.

I’m also starting to go back through things I’ve worked on to make sure that the work I’ve done this summer for the company is documented so that I can hand it off and everyone can continue on the things that I left off on.

I’m still working on one of the test stations that I talked about earlier in the month, we had some complications with the setup that we intended to do and that some of the components we needed would take too long to have built and certified. So we needed to rethink a few parts of it. We have a solid plan now and have the hardware we need on order. So that test station should be up and running before I leave (which would be nice to see after the work I’ve put into it).

Another task that has come up in the last week or so is that our program has a Critical Design Review (CDR) with the customer at the end of August. This is an opportunity for them to look at all of our final hardware and software configurations as well as our plans for testing the specific requirements they have for their units. I’ve started to pull together the information needed for that in a Powerpoint presentation that will end up being somewhere between 150 and 200 slides. It’s interesting going through all of the documents we have and tying to put it together in some kind of order that show how our unit works.

Well, I will most likely be working on the CDR and the final test station for the next two weeks. I’m sure it’ll go by quickly and I want to make sure that the things I have worked on are documented so that they don’t get lost.

Wouldn’t want anyone to have to re-invent the wheel on this project because we are tight on time as is.

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