September 18

Today in my speech class, one of my classmates forgot to turn off the phone. The phone started ringing in the middle of the classroom and the professor asked if that was his phone ringing. He said it was his mom. She picked up the phone and talked to his mom. Everyone in class was laughing because you hear the professor say “No. This is not Papi. This is his teacher. Can you hear the students laughing? Can you please call back after 4:30.”

Lesson of the day: Make sure you have your cell phone off or the ring mode on silent.

I also went to the TFO meeting with Vick. I think it stands for Task Force One but I am not sure. It’s for first year students who want to be more involved with the Student Government.

I bought my business management book online and never received it. I filed a claim with the company and my credit card company. I also bought the book from someone else online, hopefully I get it soon.

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