September 19

Today I found out a got a scholarship. I am so happy. They are going to be sending a check to the school so that’s going to help me out with the other school expenses and I will finally be able to have health insurance. For now, I am going to go with the one that the school recommended since I have to do my yearly check up. I am going to be shopping around for an insurance company that would be willing to insure me with my previous medical conditions. Hopefully it works out in the end.

I encourage you to apply for all the scholarships you qualify for, even if you think you are not going to get it. When I was in high school, I applied for many scholarships. I was always at the counselor’s office asking for letters of recommendations and trying to get my transcripts sent to different places. Now, I am going to start over so when I get my final grades in for the semester, I am going to start applying for scholarships. I am also going to start applying for internships for the summer.

I also went to the SAE meeting. They have a couple of teams working on different competitions. They have an Aero Team, 2 (1 Co-ed, 1 female Mini Baja teams, and a Hybrid group.

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