September 21

Hi everyone!

Well, I would like to say thanks to all the previous journal writers who really have done a great job. I should know since I read a few of them within the last couple months while anticipating my arrival to Embry-Riddle. Now I’m finally here, and I am in their position with the exciting and fun task of providing you, the readers around the world, with news about my life here at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University!

First off, let me introduce myself in this, my first journal submission. My name is Vivekh, 17 years old, and I hail from the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean (if you don’t know where it is, go look it up on a map!) My major is finally Aeronautical Science—I used the word “finally” because I changed my major like 4 times. Don’t worry, it may happen to you too while applying. Ok, secondly, how I came to ERAU. Well, for as along as I can remember, I have LOVED aviation with all my life. Everyday will not be complete without my daily dose of – you aviation lovers must know about that! So, I talked to my parents about going to the U.S. to learn to fly and they agreed (love u guys!). So, I completed my ordinary-level examinations in secondary school last year around June and I dove straight into SAT prep. Let me tell you, that was hell in SO many different aspects! But I got around it in my first attempt, so YAY me! Then came the application process…waited..and waited even longer until finally I got my packet and was accepted with a partial scholarship, so I was of course happy with that. Then, as time passed by, Riddle (ERAU as you will eventually call it) hosted chat sessions between the students and faculty members and staff. In those chat sessions, I met a lot of new students like myself. We exchanged emails and stuff to keep in contact, and eventually they started introducing me to others and the chain continued like that until I knew a good many freshmen…

Ok, so I visited campus before for “sneak preview day” in April and I got very familiar with the place and from that day, I knew I wanted to stay in Adams Residence Hall and thank God, I was placed in here! I now reside in the penthouse (5th floor) with the coolest Resident Advisor and hall mates, they can make any boring night fun! Know this, whenever you get here, be sure to get to know all your hall mates, they can help you in homework, look out for you, and they may even be your roommates in your following year! But one thing is for sure—residence life is probably one of the most exciting things you will experience while you are here..oh, and get this, I knew who my roommate was before even finding out that we were paired together—how is that possible?..FACEBOOK! haha..yea, and we share the same birthday!

So, anyway, orientation week was a blast!..hectic, but fun. They really made us feel welcome into the school..anything we need help with, the orientation team members were always there to help. Then orientation week was over and it was time to say goodbye to my parents…that was sad. I mean, as much as you guys think you’re not gonna miss your parents when you go to college, wait till they leave! All the things you took for granted like them taking care of you, is all gone! I’m in this country with no one..and I can’t simply fly back home whenever I want! So, spend time with them before you leave for here. Also, your friends..OMG, you have NO idea how much I miss them..miss you lots, guys!

After orientation, classes began on August 28th. All my professors are reallllllly nice and they always look out for you. Make sure you’re keeping up and stuff. It’s also fun since I got to meet a lot of new freshmen and older students too. Time passed, but the homework kept coming and coming and coming! Blackboard can be convenient, but it also can be the devil when professors post new homework like the day before class! But that’s part of college life that we all must get accustomed to..staying up until the computer lab closes doing homework for Aeronautics 132! (ahem ahem)

Oh, let me say this…when you get here, you will be hearing this a lot—-get involved on campus! And I totally agree with this. When you get here, there will be tons of things offered to you to get involved in—join organizations, participate in on-campus activities..just always be active!..not only will you have fun, but you will meet loads of new people—freshmen and older students, faculty members who can assist you further on if you ever need help in anything. Ok, so I think this is getting a bit too much for you guys to read, so I hoped you enjoyed it and I look forward to keeping you guys updated with my life in Embry-Riddle..and to all you high school students who plan on coming here, good luck and work hard-er! College is no joke; keep that in mind!

Oh, and if anyone has any questions or just wanna talk, hit me up on facebook, or my email is , and my aim s/n is xtriniboix

Take care

I’m out,


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