October 23 – October 26

School has kept me busy. Most of my tests are coming up within the next two weeks. I was supposed to give a presentation but we ran out of time. So I don’t give my presentation until Nov 1st. I just hope I remember what I was going to say.

I went to the job fair for a bit. I need someone to look at my resume. I missed the Career Center’s resume critique times because I was either in class or working. One of the Boeing interns critiqued my resume and said it was more like business instead of engineering. Her comment made me think about what field of safety science I want to work in. I am still exploring and trying to figure it out.

We also did the sorority sleepover and got a lot of the work done. The only thing I would like more than anything in the world is sleep. I have been sleeping four hours each night and I am pretty tired. I would like to be able to sleep more than that. There’s a lot going on this weekend, but I might just sleep. I don’t want to get sick because I have been pushing myself.

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