October 29

Hi everyone!..

Well, once again I grace you (the world) with my wise (yeah right!) words here on Embry-Riddle’s website.

The last two weeks have gone by really quickly and so much stuff happened that I seem to forget some things that ever happened at all! Classes were at their peak where all the professors are already discussing end of term examinations and final project assignments! It’s a scary thing, I tell ya, when all that work is given simultaneously and you got close deadlines for every assignment, but it’s not all bad since there’s a lot of help from the professors themselves and upper class friends. Oh, one thing’s for sure, you should definitely have higher class students as friends..they’re really helpful when you need assistance in doing things that they have already done, not just academically. But generally, they’re obviously more experienced here at the school, so they would let you know the good and bad about anything. With that being said, I don’t think I left any of you with my contact info..eh, I’ll put it at the bottom of this entry.

So, anyway, the main thing I wanna talk about in this journal submission is Homecoming weekend!!! Ok, so the theme for this year’s homecoming event was “Superheroes”..yes, superheroes like superman, batman, captain planet and the ever-so-legendary Mario brothers.

So, the events kicked off on Wednesday night with the “Superman Returns” movie on a HUGE blow-up projector screen out on the lawn..Thursday night was the student talent show..that was a blast. Friday afternoon was the parade with all the different floats created by all the student clubs and organizations on campus; the winners were Riddle Players in second place and Caribbean Student Association in first place with their theme “Swat Katz”!!! Both clubs of which I am damn proud to be a part of! Yay me! Ahem, so anyway, Saturday night was awesome. Comedian Jamie Kennedy visited and gave a wonderful comedic performance. I think Riddle needed some laughs at that point being that everyone was stressed out from class and homework and stuff.

OH and how could I forget..all the Halloween parties were this weekend..my costume was kinda like a Zorro-slash-devil lookin thing. I really haven’t figured out what I was, but it was black and red..oh well.

Ok, so the other thing I wanna mention is the school play, acting is difficult, yes, but what’s worse is having to build up the stage set every time we need to rehearse..!..the play is in less than a week and I must admit, playing the role of a cheating husband is actually very interesting every time we do rehearse. So, I don’t mind the construction.

And once again another stressful week at Riddle has begun. I must say though, with all the work that is constantly being laid upon me, I still manage to have a lot of fun with my friends..and to me, that’s important when you’re alone in college. Having good, genuine friends who care about you and stick by you through everything..so, thanks a lot to all of you guys..

Well, I know this is being read by many prospective students of Riddle, so I would just like to leave all of you my contact information if ever anyone has a question or comment, post it on the discussion board or my email address is pundib07@erau.edu

AIM screename is: xtriniboix

Anyway, it’s been fun and hopefully it’ll continue being that way for me and all of you out there!

Keep safe and good.

Hit me up if anyone needs anything.

Once again, thank you for flying VickAirways

(Quote of the week: “does anybody need my extra nut?”)

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