November 13

Hola, mundo! (that’s Spanish for “hello, world!”..I think)

Wow, I feel as if I haven’t written one of these journals in such a long time..reason being these last two weeks have taken a long time to pass by, which is very weird. Well, let’s life within the last 2 weeks.

Ok, so the first of the two weeks was EXTREMELY tiring and busy! I had 2 exams (one for basic aeronautics class and another for physics) and a huge project is due soon for my business management class. Also, we had rehearsals every night that week for the play the following week. That entire week was such a blur. I had SO much homework for every class and tests for most of them; I didn’t find any time to even breathe. Together with flight, I have been getting less than 6 hours of sleep every night, so I am really exhausted sometimes during the day..but I manage! Like I said, and will continue to believe in, is that friends will always help you through hard, I thank all of my friends for being there for me these past 2 weeks!

This last week got a little bit calmer since some workload was off. Projects and exams were still on, but there was less homework and stuff. Oh, and on top of all of that, the play finally commenced. Opening night was Wednesday the 8th, and it was a huge success!..A lot of my friends and other students came and enjoyed it so much, that they returned for the Friday AND Saturday nights’ shows. All those hours of rehearsal and stage set-up paid off well. However, we still have this week’s wed., fri. and sat. shows to do and it’ll all be over. I must admit despite all the pressure and occasional arguments with the other members of the club, I had a wonderful time in Riddle Players; made lots of new friends and enjoyed doing something I loved.

So, the week was finally over and I got most, if not all, my school work out of the way by Saturday. So, my friends decided to take me out on Sunday to Orlando. They took me to Universal Studios and Downtown Disney! LOADS of fun! Again, THANKS GUYS! If it weren’t for you, I would be a mess!

So, basically that’s what’s been happening with me recently. Exams are still in progress and all of campus is busy studying, so it’s really kinda stressful these days. Things should settle down and get relaxing by the end of this week since Thanksgiving break is next week.

Oh, and I’m also excited because I will be heading back to Trinidad in about a month from now to see all my friends and family! Missing them SO much and I can’t wait to go see them! Love you guys!

Oh well, guess that’s about it..

It’s been fun to share my life with all of you.

Take care and remember, fly high with the eagles!

Quote of the week: “don’t forget..8 hours from bottle to throttle!”

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