Hi readers!!!

.. Well, as you all may realize, this is my final journal submission for this semester until next semester in January.

Classes are over, most of everyone’s final exams are over, everyone’s in the Christmas spirit packing up to head back home. I must say, watching everyone leave was very saddening. For some reason, I will miss this place terribly for the short 3 weeks I will be gone…but first, let me talk about the end of classes and final exams; and there’s a little surprise about me at the end of this journal.

All classes were completed on December 7th and finals were to begin on the 9th. I must say, I was very sad that some of my classes were over because they were so much fun and I will miss seeing all my friends that I have made more often than I used to; but some other classes, I am extremely elated that I don’t have to go to anymore! But overall, they were all good classes.

Ok, now let’s talk about finals. All of mine are done (YES!) but they weren’t that difficult, which was surprising considering I didn’t do much of this material before. I managed to pull all A’s and B’s and NO C’s! YAY!

But one thing is for sure, I studied really hard to get the grades, and the occasional distraction by going downstairs to grab a sandwich, friends spontaneously taking me out, get-togethers at my friends’ houses. All this put together had officially made me nocturnal; I no longer slept at night and I slept most of the day, woke up to go do my exam, then back to sleep for the rest of the day, then study and stuff all night again. It threw me off my regular scheduled life here at Riddle, but most of the upperclassmen said that that happens only at finals period, so I should be back on track soon….hopefully! haha.

So now you know what to expect when you have to do final exams here! But don’t worry, it’s not only you- the rest of the school does it too. I am anxiously anticipating next semester because since I now am familiar with most of how this place works, I will be more settled in and I have new people and activities to look forward to.

For instance, my roommate is moving out (*sad face*) because he found a cheaper place off campus, so I will be getting a new roommate..exciting! But I will miss my roommate a lot when he leaves. Also, the spring term freshmen will be coming in and I know a few that I get to meet for the first time, so that’s something to look forward to as well. Oh, and I managed to get all my classes that I wanted next semester. So, I am excited to return here in January.

Well, some of my friends have already started to leave Daytona Beach destined for home in different directions. It may seem silly to be sad about them leaving just for 3 weeks, but I will miss all of them for the Christmas holidays. But all of them will be in my heart and thoughts throughout the season. We all exchanged Christmas cards and bid each other adieu (goodbye) until next semester. I had a blast with all of you guys this semester and I love each and every one of you guys!

Anyway, moving on to the end of this one. Well, I had a lot of fun sharing my life with all of you around the world this semester and I can’t wait to continue next semester. I bet all of you just can’t wait to know how my holidays were (haha). Also, thanks to all of you out there who contacted me. I will see you soon!

So, I wish all of you out there a WONDERFUL Christmas 2006 and New Year 2007 and thanks for reading! God’s blessings to you and your family and friends! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Goodbye!..hope you all get what you wished for this season!

OH wait, my surprise…ok, so it’s not that big to you guys, but it is to me.. I changed my major from Aeronautical Science to Aviation Business Administration! YAY!

Ok, I’m really gonna leave now (hehe)

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