January 7 – January 15

I came back from California on the 7th. My roommate, Cheese, picked me up from the airport at about 11:30. We got home and I just slept for a ridiculous amount of time.

I met Vick, Guillermo, and other random people on Monday night. We walked around campus just to see the damages that were done by the tornado. We also had a new student meet with us. Apparently, Vick was staying in touch with someone that was going to be a new student for the Spring semester and he was supposed to meet us in front of the flight line. We finally found Rafael and we took him with us to eat at Denny’s.

The next day, I went to the financial aid office but I didn’t find it. I went to the student center to ask, but they weren’t sure because the rooms in Canaveral hall were not ready just yet. A lady told me that they were temporarily in the 2nd floor but they close at 4pm. I finally made it there the next day and managed to fix everything. I was quite sad that I had to give up going to Universal Studios with the other kids since I had never been to the one here and I have not been to Orlando.

The weekend was a new experience for me. On Friday, I went to an alternative lifestyle club called Zeba with a bunch of guys. I had a great time. I also met a lot of friendly boys. A person from a group competed in a dance off competition and won.

On Saturday, I went to Angelica’s house because she was having a Pink clothes gathering, but first we had to pick up Amanda from the airport. I met many of Angelica’s friends but left early because my carpool had told their friends they were going to go to Zeba’s. There were a lot more people I knew. I also wasn’t even dressed to go clubbing so I felt a little bit out of place because I thought we were just going to hang out at Angelica’s and then I was going to go home.

On Sunday, I went to Orlando for the first time. I went to the Parliament House, which is also a gay club. It is a lot bigger than Zeba’s. Also there’s a lot more of a variety of people. I didn’t like it as much because I lost the group of people I was with. Sometimes I just felt a little bit uncomfortable. Also a girl that was smoking burned my shirt and my hand because her cigarette bumped into me.

Overall my weekend was great. It had been awhile since I have had fun with random people. I also felt that I met a lot of genuine and unique people. Also, if need be the boys take care of me and make sure I am not standing there by myself.

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