January 16 – January 18

Hey everyone welcome to the New Year. I hope everyone had a safe and great break.

I have a couple of goals this semester. I would like to travel and see more of Florida. I also would like to go to Orlando and visit some of the tourist places. I would also like to hang out with more people and have friends. The most important ones are that I want to keep up with my grades and find an internship or a good paying job over the summer.

It’s the first week of classes and so far all my classes seem to be very interesting. I am taking fire protection, safety management programs, human factors in aviation, technical writing and introduction to aeronautical science. One thing I have learned about safety is that you also need to have a better idea of how the business world works. Most companies always talk in money terms. If any of you decide to go for safety, I would suggest you get a minor in business. During lecture my professor made it sound that you would have an advantage in the working world.

I am also working at the office at least 20 hours each week. Since it’s the first week, things tend to be pretty hectic. People are trying to get into closed sections so you try to tell them where to go. Professors are trying to get their papers copied so it can be ready for the students.

Also because of the tornado, rooms have been moved around. What used to be the testing center and the mail room are now offices for professors from the physical science dept.

In the midst of all the chaos, I have been trying to work on my journal and so far it seems that I am not typing fast enough or can’t seem to find a computer when I can use it. My computer wasn’t working properly so I have taken it to the Geek Squad to have it fixed. I haven’t had access to a computer until late last night.

Woohoo! I just signed myself up for free food. It’s actually an etiquette dinner and they serve you a 5 course meal. Also I am going to the Red Hot Chili Pepper Concert in Tampa Bay with a guy named Matt. Another thing I did was I sign up to work during Race Week. I am looking forward to the next upcoming weeks and see where my next adventure takes me.

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me at campo085@erau.edu or any of the messengers: meblue81. Have a great night.

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