January 19 – January 21

On Friday, I went to Zeba’s with the boys and I brought Adrianna with me. I had a great time hanging out with my friends. There were a lot more people that I recognized. My friend, Susie was in town so I left the club to see her for a bit and met her at someone’s house. There were so many people that I didn’t know that I just left. I ended up back at Zeba’s. At this rate, it looks like I’ll be single for the rest of my life.

On Saturday, I went to the Welcome Back to School Party. We showed up late because Adrianna locked herself out of her apartment. We called Safe Ride to give us a ride to El Azteca. For Safe Ride, you have to pay them $8 if you are asking them to give you a ride to another place. If live within the area covered, then your ride is free. I am glad we have that program here at school. I asked Susie to give Adrianna and me a ride back to my place. She said Yes, but she left the club early. One of my sorority sisters gave me a ride home.

On Sunday, Adrianna decided that she wanted to make dinner. She wanted to make chicken tenders. I go to the store and buy the ingredients for her. I had to do laundry so I told my roommate, Cheese to keep an eye out for her. Adrianna is learning how to cook so I don’t trust her in my kitchen by herself. I have cooked with her before and she’s hilarious. I don’t want to be mean because I know she’s trying and I think she’s doing a good job. Well apparently while I was gone, Cheese went to his room and when he came out, he noticed that the whole living room and kitchen area was full of smoke. Oh Adrianna, she blames it on the oil. I believe that could have been one of the factors, but then again its Adrianna. By the time, I came back everything was fixed and the food was ready to eat. All I hear Adrianna talk about is how she wants to make this again. I’ll trust her in my kitchen the second time around.

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