October 17, 2008

Hey guys!
It’s Friday again THANK GOODNESS! I have been so busy this week. I have a physics test to take today at 11:45. I have been studying like crazy for it! I voted in my first ever presidential election yesterday… I am mailing it out today! (see photo) The state of Florida, of course, has to have huge envelopes that cost a whole dollar to mail you can’t just use a normal stamp! Also, there are soo many things I had to vote for, I actually sealed the envelope without putting the second page of the ballot in. I had to open it as soon as I realized it, I hope they still take it.

I know I told you all that I was trying out for the flight team and I found out that day that I made the team which was exciting! Actually one of the guys on the team said their Dad read one of my journals so hello to Spencer’s father if you are reading this one! Registration is coming up soon for next semester so I have meet with my advisor once about classes and I have to meet him again next week….picking classes doesn’t get any easier either. However, my advisor just so happens to be my weather professor (McNally). I am definitely taking his WX301 next semester and I’d recommend him to everyone, he’s a great teacher and very funny. Other than that class I am at a loss for now. I am going to get my private pilot at home this summer then when I come back in the fall I will start doing my instrument rating I guess. I have been trying to keep up with the MLB playoffs and I realllllllyyy hope that the Rays make it. Just because I HATE the Red Sox. I would have rather seen the Yankees make the playoffs but that was a lost cause about half way through the season. On a brighter note the Ohio State vs. Michigan game is this Saturday and that always makes for a good game! I am going to add some pictures from last time that I couldn’t get up because of my computer.. which is still not working =[

Have a good week…. and goodbye for now!

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