October 18, 2008

On Sunday I got to go flying with the Civil Air Patrol on an Incentive Flight! Last semester, I was able to do this also and I had a really good time. Air Force ROTC gives Incentive Flights to people who have no flying time or people who have some flying time but haven’t received their Private Pilot’s license yet. Through the program I have been able to log 2.4 hours of flying time for free, which if you ask me is a pretty sweet deal. We flew from Daytona Beach up to Flagler and landed at a little airport, then turned around and came back. On Wednesday, I had part one of my math test and I didn’t think it would go very well because it involved using Excel and on the past two quizzes Excel decided not to work correctly or I put the information in wrong. Well, the quiz went really well and I got a perfect score!! Right after my test, I had my Mid-Term Evaluation with my flight commander and unfortunately it didn’t go as well as my math test. I have some things that I really need to improve upon in order to be a better cadet. In the Detachment, there is a bulletin board that is divided into sections and each flight gets a section to decorate with pictures and motivational items. My flight decorated our section on Wednesday night with some recent pictures and then Thursday night we went out to dinner to stock up on some carbohydrates for PT. PT on Friday was the Physical Fitness Assessment which involves one minute of push-ups, one minute of sit-ups, and a 1.5 mile run. I was really happy with my run time because since last fall I have been able to shave off 2 minutes! Friday night I went kayaking with Air Force people and I had a good time, except for the part where I fell in and lost my camera. Hopefully, I’ll get a new camera soon because I do enjoy taking pictures. Today, I went to a picnic hosted by Arnold Air and Silver Wings and I played bocce ball which is a game like croquet and bowling combined. I had a good time but now I need to do some homework!

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