December 5, 2008

Hey guys!!! I hope you all had a GREAT Thanksgiving! Mine was pretty awesome! It was great to get to go home for once!!! A lot of my family was there… 21 people total, all family! My mom and grandma cooked awesome food and we all come back to school with some pretty awesome stories! I am not exactly sure of what I am doing for semester break yet, all I know is its coming up fast!! I need to hit the books like crazy and study for finals now. I got contacted by my first prospective student today via facebook… e-mail me guys I am excited to hear from you all!!!!

If you all like football, a few weekends ago Ohio State made an awesome defeat against Michigan for the 5th year in a row! I am very happy about that!!! Also, the Steelers got a good one on the Patriots this past weekend!! GO STEELERS! One of my roommates cooked some funny smelling rice in my room this afternoon and the smell is still lingering, is even worse that the guys next door grilled hamburgers on the George Foreman grill today and the smells mixed… and because we keep our doors open it smells NASTY in my room. Well, my last final is on Tuesday at 5:00 so until then I am going to be hidden in my room or the Library studying until my eyes fall out of my head!

They have a Christmas tree up in the Village so the picture this time is me and two of my suite mates in front of it!!! It is our “family” picture as we like to call it. Caitlin made it all wintery in Photoshop so enjoy. Contact me guys… I can’t wait to start getting some e-mails!!!! I will post some more over break!

Happy Holidays,

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**Age:** 19 **Hometown:** Cape Coral, FL **Career Goals:** To be successful and enjoy life and my job. **Activities:** I am a dancer and will soon be getting involved in activities on campus. **Why I chose Embry-Riddle:** It was a tough choice between FSU and ERAU because both meteorology programs are great, but I just loved Embry-Riddle!!!

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