December 14, 2008

I’m back home in Illinois and it is super cold! No snow on the ground at the moment but I am hoping we will get some this week. I had some delayed flights which led to me getting home on Thursday instead of Wednesday. What happened was the airplane arriving in Daytona was held up in Atlanta due to weather and equipment delays, by the time the plane arrived and flew back to Atlanta I would have missed my connecting flight and have had to sleep in the airport. So, I chose to stay in Daytona and spend the night at a friend’s and leave the next day. On Thursday, my flight left Daytona on time and arrived in Atlanta where it was pouring rain and many flights were being cancelled. I kept my fingers crossed and my flight took off a little late, but I made it home!

The week before finals was a busy week due to Pass-In-Review, an event held every semester where all the cadets participate in a parade and awards are handed out. I had a key position (squadron adj.) so I had to attend practice on Monday and Wednesday night. On Wednesday, Silver Wings had elections and I ran for the position of Chapter and Squadron Chief of Protocol (CSCOP). I got the position and now I am basically the liaison between Arnold Air and Silver Wings. Also, I get to plan joint events and I have some good ideas that I am hoping to try out. I’m looking forward to taking on the position! Thursday, was Pass-In-Review and it went really well! Next semester for AFROTC, I will be going through Field Training Preparation or more commonly referred to as FTP. The semester is more intense and it’s supposed to prepare you for the summer when you go to Field Training. All of the 200s (sophomores) are separated from the other cadets. Friday was study day, so we didn’t have any classes. Silver Wings had their Initiation Dinner that night and Arnold Air had theirs on Sunday—I posted some pictures. One of my friends had a small Christmas party and we exchanged gifts; it got me into the Christmas mood and I had fun.

Finals went well—I had two on Monday, one on Tuesday, and two on Wednesday. I thought for sure I would have a few B’s this semester and maybe one C because a couple of my teachers didn’t post the grades for any assignments, so I was just guessing what grade I had and a part of my grade was participation and I’m never sure what I’m going to get for that. Well, I did a lot better than what I had anticipated and came out of the semester with all A’s! Hopefully, I can keep it up for next semester too. My classes for next semester are Air Force, Principles of Aeronautical Science, Business Law, Corporate Finance, International Business, and Organizational Business. I think I will really enjoy these classes and I’m looking forward to next semester.

If you have any questions about living on campus or campus activities, send me an e-mail!

Until next time, Kaleigh

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