January 11, 2009

I’m back in Daytona and have finished the first week of school! I got back to Daytona on the 5th with no problems and all my luggage arrived, so I was happy about that. It was good to see everyone again and get organized before the first day of school on the 7th. Next week will be the first full week of classes and AFROTC, so I’ll probably settle into a routine and get into the groove of doing my homework—look out library, here I come! One big event that is coming up at the end of this month is the Rolex 24 at the Daytona Speedway and as a cadet in the Air Force I will get to work at the event!

I’m really thrilled with my class schedule this semester because on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have two classes after Air Force training in the morning with the exception being Friday when I also have Air Force class. I have Organizational Behavior and International Business. Organizational Behavior seems like it will be a good class because the professor is really enthusiastic and we have our first big project due in February. I plan on getting started on it next week and since it’s an individual project I can finish it whenever. International Business is going to be a lot of work because the teacher wants us to really learn and digest the material. In order to do this, he has assigned each individual person a section of every chapter to outline in detail. Then in class, we will get in groups and discuss each chapter. A neat thing he has decided to do is give us extra credit for dressing professionally every Monday. I plan to get my extra credit and it’s just a coincidence that over break I bought several new suits. When going to college, make sure you bring a suit or at least one professional outfit because you never know when an opportunity is going to pop up that you need to look good for. On Tuesday and Thursday, I have three classes: Principles of Aeronautical Science, Corporate Finance, and Business Law. Principles of Aeronautical Science is just the basics of flight and the class is required, since I don’t have my private pilot’s license. I have been looking forward to Corporate Finance and had registered for it last semester but they cancelled the class. I really hope to learn a lot from this class and I’m thinking about getting my MBA with a concentration in finance if I enjoy the class. Business Law is going to be good too, I think. The major assignment is to write a ten page term paper on any subject as long as it relates to law. I’m looking forward to picking a topic and getting started! I think this semester will go by quickly just like last semester!

This past weekend I went out on the Halifax River with some friends. One of my friends owns a tiny boat and invited us to come out and have a cookout. At first, I wasn’t sure that we would even be able to leave the dock because the boat didn’t want to start. However, the guys figured it out and we took off for a place called the Disappearing Isle (it disappears during high tide). I took some pictures, so you can take a look! I built a sandcastle, while the guys grilled and played football. The water was warm and I couldn’t believe that I was out on a boat, while back home I have to wait until June to go out. I had a good time and look forward to doing it again!

Air Force has started off with a bang and this semester has already provided some challenges, but I think our class will figure it all out. Silver Wings starts this week along with Relay for Life, so this week is going to be busy! I hope everyone had a good break from school and don’t forget to send in your applications if you haven’t already!

Until next time,

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