March 8

Warm weather is back! It was so nice all weekend, and I welcomed back the warm weather by sitting on the beach getting sun burned. Although I currently resemble a lobster, I enjoyed every minute of the sun and sand. Daytona has been packed full of visitors this past week for Bike Week and the beginning of Spring Break time. I have never seen the roads and beaches so crowded, and I am certainly glad Bike Week is over.

On Wednesday February 26, Delta Upsilon (DU) had our official colonization ceremony. It is very exciting to be a founding father of such a great organization. When I came to Embry-Riddle, I was almost certain I was not interested in Greek Life. However, the principles and ideals of DU matched with mine. I am very passionate about the four founding principles; the advancement of justice, the promotion of friendship, the diffusion of liberal culture, and the development of character. I am also very excited about DU’s nationwide partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of America. I hope to do a lot of work promoting our values and volunteering in the community.

Last week was Greek Week on campus. Greek Week is a friendly competition between all of the fraternities and sororities at Embry-Riddle. Some of the events included a human pyramid, tug-o-war contest, cardboard boat race, and a chariot race. Although it was our first year, Delta Upsilon did very well overall. We even got FIRST PLACE in the cardboard boat race! I met a lot of the other Greeks this week and got to have fun with my DU brothers.

Classes have been extremely demanding as we approach our break. I took tests in PS142, MA112, and WX201, and did very well. I got A’s on the two tests I have gotten back, and I am confident I did well on the math exam too. Along with these tests, I have been continuing work on my large projects in COM221 and BA201. I am still really enjoying my classes and schedule this semester, and my professors are a lot of fun. Although sometimes it is tough to wake up, I am always thankful to be done with classes in the morning!

Amongst all of the tests and Greek week activities, my grandparents made a visit. I got to eat two meals with them and I showed them around campus. They were very impressed with the facilities and enjoyed their visit. I think they were a little overwhelmed with Bike Week, but we had fun anyway. I will be spending more time with family in the coming weeks, as my mom and sister are heading down to Tampa where I will join them for Spring Break. I am really looking forward to the break and spending time with family and friends.

If you have any questions or want to know anything random, just let me know and I will be glad to answer. You can email me at for ANY questions! Thanks for reading!

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