March 9th

Hey guys!!!
It has been quite eventful since I last wrote to you all!! Let’s see, starting with e-mails/facebook-ers: There have a been a ton (ok maybe not a ton) but a lot of people contacting me! I hope I am helping you all as much as I think I am!!! Remember, if I don’t help you as much as you wanted or get back to you quickly enough, you can always call admissions.

Last Thursday (this is the best part of my week) I did my first 3 landings ever!!! They were nowhere near as bad as I thought they would be either!! I was going to fly today but the plane is down for its 50 hr. inspection so we will fly tomorrow! Spring break is just a week away!!! However, it seems sooooo far! I just recently got a job in admissions so if you all come for a tour, who knows maybe I will be your tour guide! I am not 100% sure what I am doing for spring break yet, I want to go home but my parents might come visit me for a few days instead so we will see. Either way I am in Daytona until at least Sunday because I have flight team practice Saturday. My friend’s girlfriend is coming in on Thursday and we are going to Disney World on Friday!! That will be VERY fun!! As far as classes are going – test in weather tomorrow and after that nothing much until after spring break. The semester starts to wind down after the break and finals will come up fast!

AH. I am getting a townhouse with two of my roommates that I live with now for summer and next year, that will be awesome!!!! There isn’t much else to tell except I hope you all have great breaks and keep the questions coming!!!!

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**Age:** 19 **Hometown:** Cape Coral, FL **Career Goals:** To be successful and enjoy life and my job. **Activities:** I am a dancer and will soon be getting involved in activities on campus. **Why I chose Embry-Riddle:** It was a tough choice between FSU and ERAU because both meteorology programs are great, but I just loved Embry-Riddle!!!

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