November 30, 2009

St. Augustine—the oldest city in America—is a place that everyone should visit! My sister and I decided to take a mini road trip up there and see some of the sites. We purchased a ticket that allowed us to ride on a trolley and visit many of the historical places. Some of the places we visited included: the Old City Jail, the Oldest School House, and the Fountain of Youth. We’re definitely going to go back because there is so much more to see and do!

Walt Disney World was another one of our adventure sites and we went to Magic Kingdom on Thanksgiving. The park was a lot of fun and I’m glad that I was finally able to go. Space Mountain is by far the best ride because it’s an indoor roller coaster and it’s completely dark, so you have no idea what is coming up next. We didn’t get to see Mickey Mouse but maybe next time!

This break from school has been wonderful because it’s given me just enough time to relax and get in the mindset for finals. On Monday, I have my first final in my Professional Selling class. For the final, I have to perform one last sales call and then the professor will watch the videotape and evaluate my performance on a set of criteria. I think with all the practice sales calls we have done in class that I’m pretty well prepared. My Strategic Management class is going to keep me busy this week; I have a test on Thursday and the final on Saturday. In order to prepare for the test, one of my classmates and I have reserved a classroom for several hours and we are just going to review each chapter in-depth. I hope it works and I do well on the test! My other finals aren’t until next Monday night, so I’ll have some time to study for them later on.

Silver Wings had our end of the semester banquet and fall initiation ceremony the week before Thanksgiving. This picture is a group of me and some of my friends. I met them my freshman year and we have all been friends since then. Next semester is going to be a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to heading to Seattle for our National Conference in April.

Hard to believe that I’m going to be headed home in nine days! Over Christmas break, I have to finish my application for graduate school and in January I have registered to take the GMAT. I’ve started studying for the GMAT and I’m going to have to study over break because I think it’s going to be hard. The test gives you a lot of questions and a short amount of time to do it, so you have to have a strategy when you go into take the test. I’ll be glad when it’s over with! Other than studying for the GMAT, I plan on relaxing, visiting with family and friends, and baking cookies! But until then, I better go start studying…

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