December 2009

The semester is officially over, and I’m no longer in Daytona Beach. Almost everyone is home, and it’s onto Winter Break. There is so much to do, and not do, during break. I plan on getting my private pilot’s written exam done, and catching up on my reading. Yet, I want to write about my experiences during the last two weeks.

Like any Flock member or Embry-Riddle sports enthusiast, I attended ERAU’s men’s basketball game versus Flagler. I had a blast! The team played great, and we beat Flagler 105-81. It’s a big game, as both Embry-Riddle and Flagler are long-time rivals, due to their close proximity in distance. At high school, there wasn’t much spirit, but here it’s very different – which is just what I like.

Finals finals finals! They sound hard, but if you study hard and work hard, they’re not as hard as they seem. During the past two weeks, a majority of my time was spent reviewing notes, handouts, and problem-sets, and it paid off. It was difficult to find motivation during finals week, but I constantly reminded myself of my future plans – it’s one way to encourage yourself to pickup a textbook.

Once finals ended, it was time to move out. I cleaned, threw away five hefty boxes of trash, and mopped the floors. Along with my roommate, we completed our dorm-room “checkout.”

While I’m glad to be back home with family and friends, I’m going to miss all the new friends I’ve made this past semester. One of them, Alan Larsen, another blogger here, is determined to get his private pilot’s license, and spent some extra time at Embry-Riddle getting it.

The next time I post, I’ll cover some of my winter-break activities. Additionally, I hope everyone has a happy holiday.

Season’s best,


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