February 2010

The weather here in Florida is finally starting to warm up and it’s about time. The last few weeks have been the coldest it’s ever been. It was even warmer at the Winter Olympics than it was in Daytona Beach. However cold weather is still good flying weather, so no complaints there.

I’ve finished learning holding procedures and I’m now starting to fly instrument approaches. Instrument training is a lot of work, but the more you do it, the easier it gets. I’ve been thinking a lot about the next step, which is commercial multi-engine. I’ve decided before I do that, I should get my multi-engine add-on to my private pilot’s license. That way when I start commercial training, I get to log the time as Pilot In Command; which is important when looking for a job.

As for extracurricular events, I’ve gotten involved with the Air Traffic Control Organization, as well as the Student Alumni Association, of which I’ve been selected to be the President of. I’m very excited and honored to have that opportunity.

I’ve been sick for the last two weeks, only recently has it affected me enough to put a flight-only ground on my training. I seem to be getting better, but it needs time. Health services has been a great help and I highly recommend using them when needed. Dorms are known for spreading illnesses around, so you’ve got to be careful, but even if you are, there is still a good chance you’ll get what is going around.

The College of Aviation had its family weekend this past week. There were different seminars for parents ranging from financial aid, to flight concepts, to simulator sessions, they were even allowed to sit-in on any Aeronautical Science class with their son/daughter.

The Daytona 500 was a quite interesting time in this town. Surprisingly it was the quietest of all the speed-week races, considering how close we live to the track. Students get a discounted ticket price, however when I called up, they were all sold out. Traffic was a nightmare and a lot of stores were closed because they sold their parking spaces to NASCAR spectators. The airport closes Runway 16/34 to use as a parking area for visiting aircraft. Those were certainly a sight to see!

Spring break is just around the corner (Mar 15) and I bought a resident beach pass ($20) for my car, so now I can park there anytime I want for the whole year. After four visits, the pass pays for itself.

Over and Out.

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**Minors:** Business Administration and Air Traffic Control **Hometown:** Greater New York City Area, NY **Career Goals:** To fly airplanes and prepare myself for an airline career. **Why I chose Embry-Riddle:** The amount of opportunities available to students and the quality of instruction provided. **Activities:** Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society, Orientation Team, Student Alumni Association, Flight Professional Conduct Board, Airline Career Education Club, The Avion Newspaper

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