February 2010

This past week, I received the wonderful chance to meet Homer Hickam! If you have seen the movie, October Sky, or have read the book, Rocket Boys, then you know Homer and his inspirational and extraordinary life story. He visited the Embry-Riddle campus to talk about his upbringing, his dreams of becoming a rocket scientist, and his life as a NASA engineer. It was an honor and privilege to be in his presence and have the great opportunity to meet him!

“So, I say to you students of Embry-Riddle, don’t be afraid and please don’t walk away from a career in aerospace. The nation is depending on you to pry from the tiller of space the hands of those who don’t understand what its promise means. The nation is depending on you to rebuild from the wreckage that our present leaders may cause. The nation is depending on you to bring the vigor of youth to aging bureaucracies and to make them all new and bright again. This you can do, this you must do, and this old rocket boy is certain you will do. Now go forth and make me proud.” ~ Homer H. Hickam

The STS-130 crew of space shuttle Endeavour returned home last night (2/21) wrapping up a successful 13 day mission to the International Space Station. Endeavour travelled more than 5.7 million miles and has given ISS crew members a backyard view of our extraordinary planet. Endeavour has one flight remaining before being decommissioned and only four total shuttle flights remain before the program retires.

There is much more to come in the upcoming months, but those stories I will hold for next time. Until then, see you out there!

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**Career Goals:** To establish a career with NASA **Why I chose Embry-Riddle:** I was recommended by a colleague about Embry-Riddle. He mentioned that the institute has the number one aerospace engineering program in the nation.

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