February 2010

Spring break is almost here, and classes will be at the halfway mark this week. It is strange how quickly time passes here; much faster than high school. With six classes, there is a fair amount of work to do each night, which means I’m rarely bored. Aside from school work, club meetings and special events fill the time.

About two weeks ago, the Airport Management Club (AMC) had its second meeting in the Daytona Beach International Airport terminal’s conference room. The room was situated on top of terminal, and there we talked with the airport’s director, an Embry-Riddle alumnus, who shared his memories and experiences working at the airport. It takes a lot to run an airport, as it is a very multi-faceted branch; finance, operations, marketing, etc. I thought to myself, “airport talk, sitting in a conference room overlooking the terminal, and pizza – what could be better?”

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go home for Valentine’s Day. Aside from a three hour tarmac delay at Charlotte and lost luggage, it was great to go home and see friends and family. I was welcomed by fresh italian food and sushi; my favorites. Fortunately Embry-Riddle had off on Monday, so I was able to spend three days home. Another close friend from Embry-Riddle flew up to see his sister, and we were able to catch the same return flights back to Daytona. Since friends were not around for the weekend, we were not able to catch a ride back to campus, but it’s only a 10-15 minute walk away – why not?

This past week, I had the opportunity to meet one my favorite authors: Homer Hickam. He is the author of “Rocket Boys,” which became the movie “October Sky.” The IC Auditorium was packed, and he gave an excellent motivational speech. While my interests are primarily in airlines, airports, and aircraft manufacturing, it was good to step out of those fields and take a look into the engineering / rocketry side of aviation.

That’s all for now – check back here in two weeks for another post!

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