August 10, 2010

Welcome back! Hope everyone’s summer is going well. For all of you getting ready for orientation it will be a great time and for all coming back for classes, well you know the drill already!

My internship at the Prosecutor’s Office has really proved to be an exceptional experience! For one, I was able to take a tour of the Ocean County Jail last week. For any of you that watch the Jersey Shore television show, this is the jail that they take one of the cast members to in the first season. In addition to seeing the jail, and feeling extremely unwelcome by the inmates there, I was able to see “Pauly D” of the Jersey Shore, while on a ride-along with the Sea Side Heights Police Department. The cast member “Snookie” was also arrested the Friday night I was there. Even though I was not involved at all with these people, I still thought it was pretty cool to have “been there.” Going back to the topic of jail, I am not sure how many of you have been to jail (hopefully none), but it really is an awful place. No matter how many T.V. shows you may have seen, or stories you have heard, nothing can replicate the shear feeling of being inside a jail. Typically people avoid places of high crime where criminals live during their daily lives, but in jail, this is the home to many of those criminals. Aside from the whistling, the sneers, cursing, yelling, etc. the jail was a great educational experience.

The other major highlight of my past two weeks was being able to do a ride along with the New Jersey State Police. Thankfully my boss was able to set up the NJSP taking me out and showing me the “ropes” at Troop D, which covers the Turnpike. For a link to the NJSP Troop Map, click here. In addition here is also a picture of me standing with a State Police patrol car. I know some people may be saying, “that’s corny” or “who cares – it’s a car?” But for me, this is like being with a celebrity or famous athlete. Being a state trooper is the type of thing I dream about. It may be strange, but it’s me! I also attached an action picture for all you too see. Without going into details the trooper and I responded to a medical emergency, within his zone. After finishing up the ride along with the State Police I knew that this is the job/profession I want to be in. Unfortunately the NJSP has not been hiring, but I am willing to wait until they commence hiring again.

That’s about it for this issue. Tomorrow is the last day of my internship with the Prosecutor’s Office so this will be the last report to you all on that subject matter. Maybe the school will allow me to keep reporting and writing these journals, maybe not. The choice is yours. If you would like to hear more from me please email myself and I will forward the email onto the appropriate persons. I would like to hear from you all either way rather good, bad, or just any type of question. Until next time, stay safe.

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