End of the 6th Week

Happy Thursday everyone! It’s practically the end of the week. I like to call my Thursday’s “fake Fridays” due to the fact that I don’t have classes on Thursday’s, so happy fake Friday to me! So far this week has been going pretty well! No school this Monday due to Presidents day, an easy day on Tuesday but a lot of meetings following. Wednesday was great! We had the Society 4 S.P.A.C.E research/informative meeting. We even gained a couple new members.

Some of the research projects we are working on include an Aeroponics system for MEERs, a drone system for MEERS and the Mars research project. It is all going really well. On Space News with Skye I spoke about the Particles of Love: Quantum Mechanics, NSF’s LIGO Gravitational Waves, and Practical Advice for Aspiring Astronauts. It went really well and they were some pretty heavy topics so I am glad I covered them.

Other than that, this week and this weekend is consisting of homework, projects, research, and updating my website. Pretty crazy! I am excited for my classes though. I really am enjoying the book we are reading in Humanities. For once, it is not a half bad book. But, I will admit I LOVE the book I and reading in my intro to CSO class. It is called “The Higher Frontier.” I don’t want to spoil it but you should definitely read it!

One other note! If you have not registered for summer classes! Go and do it! Registration for current students opened February 10!

Couple of events are coming within the next few weeks. For starters, the big elephant in the room, the Daytona 500. For those of you going on Sunday be safe and have fun! I know a lot of Riddle kids are volunteers or workers for the 500 so feel free to say hi!

Next Wednesday SpaceX is launching SES-9 onboard the Falcon 9. I am glad to say that I will be two and a half miles away from the launch pad when this baby comes up, so I am pretty excited!

This Friday at 8:00p in the Student Center, Touch and Go Productions is hosting a casino night in the student center! Go have fun and win some money (hopefully)!

In two weeks, the City of Port Orange is hosting a Family Fun Springfest. It starts Thursday March 3 and ends Sunday March 6. They have a bunch of events, concerts, rides, competitions, movie night and much more! I do plan on attending so I will let you all know how it goes!

And so too be in about 3 weeks, we have spring break folks! Keep up the hard work and keep pushing!