Finals Week Recap

Finals week has officially come to an end for me, although many other students are still living off of Starbucks and Red Bull in the Library! I am so relieved to be finished with my most stressful semester to date.

After hours of studying, I am officially free for the rest of this year! This finals week has been the easiest for me so far. In an effort to be nice, three of my professors moved their final exams to the last day of class, so my finals week started early! The last week of classes was therefore a stressful one, however, I got to finish my finals earlier than most students. I had one test for BA320 on Saturday, which went surprisingly well. Then, yesterday I had a presentation for my BA215 class. Although, we just had to show up, since our presentation was a prerecorded podcast. I am happy to say that I earned A’s in all of my classes! I honesty don’t know how I pulled that off.

Most students leave hours after their finals are over, however I am staying until December 17th to work for my RA job. So, I am faced with a week and a half of free time! I can’t think of the last time I had this much time on my hands. I have been able to sleep in everyday, watch movies, and catch up on scholarship applications. I am also getting an early start on packing!

I have been struggling to keep myself entertained, however. It is a very weird feeling for me, since I am usually always on the go. Tonight I am going to go to St. Augustine to look at the lights they put up around the city. I have heard that it is one of the best displays in the country! Tomorrow, I will probably spend the day cleaning my room, and getting ahead on things for next semester. I’m hoping that this weekend I can go down to Fort Myers for a mini vacation before I leave for Winter Break. I’m crossing my fingers.

Looking back, I have no idea where this semester went. It honestly flew by! It seems like every semester seems to go faster than the last one. Soon enough I will be graduating, or at least it seems like it!

Well, that’s all I have for now. For those of you just finishing finals, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Happy studying,



January 2012

Winter break has come and gone. It felt like yesterday I finished my last final for the Fall 2011 Semester and I was heading home for Christmas Break. Now I am back at school starting my last semester of college! If all goes well I will be graduating this May!

Over the Winter break I mostly visited with the family and relaxed at home. It was my first time being home for that long since last winter break. Near the end of the break one of my high school teachers invited me in to speak to his class about college life and making the right decisions in choosing a career path that you will love and enjoy. I also spent time talking about Embry-Riddle and how great their programs are.

Out of the five classes I talk to, I hope to inspire at least one student to go out and do something they love to do and succeed at it! I plan on visiting other schools back at home and around the Daytona Beach area talking about the same topics I discussed at my old high school. Several teachers have asked me to give speeches when I return back home for Spring Break.

The first week of classes went very well. I have two classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which don’t start till 1 PM. This means I can catch up on some sleep! Tuesday and Thursdays I start early at 8:15 and have three classes. So far I am enjoying my schedule and hopefully it does not get too busy during the semester!

On January 14-15 I went down to Port St. Lucie, FL for the Season Opener Aerobatic Contest. The Aerobatic Season has officially started with this contest. There were a total of 28 pilots at this competition. This year I have moved up to the Unlimited class, which is the highest class in Aerobatic Competition besides the Invitational Class. Considering I had NO practice going into this contest I did very well! I ended up placing 4th place for my first Unlimited Contest. I am using the same airplane as I used last season except with a different setup and transmitter. Weather was a little cold, but for the most part it was a great relaxing weekend.

The last weekend of January we will be going to Jacksonville, Florida for the annual Aerobatic Judging School. We will learn the new rules for the 2012 season along with discussing how to become a better judge and pilot at these competitions. After this event we will be heading to Miami, Florida during February 18th for the 2012 AMPs Aerobatic Challenge.

Thanks for taking the time to read this month’s journal! If you have any questions feel free to email me!

December 14, 2010

The littlest things mean a lot when you are away from them for awhile. The way your mom says good morning or your dad gives you a bear hug. The petty arguments with your friends, and realizing the one you never argue with. This Christmas season as students return home we realize what we missed the most, what we have been homesick for and the things that never left nor changed. Even though I live at home and am a local this Christmas I don’t want to take anything for granted. I know it seems melodramatic but you never do know what you got till it’s gone or absent from awhile. Not only are some of my friends leaving to go home to their families for the holidays but I have some friends (who I haven’t seen or talked to for months) returning home too. I think many times we see things only as they are in front of us until given the time to step back and see something else. As you spend time with your family (especially if this is your last year in high school and you’re ready to move for college) remember to cherish it as much as you can. Even though you may not see it now you will realize how much you miss and appreciate your family once you are away and can’t always go home and say hi or call up your friend just to talk for a little bit. It’s the little things we sometimes take for granted but it’s times like these where we can realize what we have always had in front of us or what we have been ignoring all alone. As you enjoy your Christmas breaks have a good time with your family and friends and hold each memory close because school is going to go by fast and then you will be into the “real world” and growing up, becoming an adult. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and to you and your families and friends many, many memories for you to cherish for a lifetime.

January 11

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a good holiday season. Mine was particularly busy, but I had a lot of fun. Right when I got back to Missouri, my friend and I decided to go to a St. Louis Blues versus Calgary hockey game. Although my beloved Blues lost, there was a lot of fighting and the two teams combined to score 9 goals. This excitement and intensity made the experience a lot of fun. A few days later I was lucky enough to also go to a Mizzou Tigers basketball game. Throughout the rest of my days in Missouri I was working, hanging out with friends, or spending time in St. Louis or Kansas City.

The day after Christmas, my mom and I went to see family near New Orleans, Louisiana. After a few days on the bayou, we went to their beach house in Pensacola. It was nice seeing my family and friends, and I never stop appreciating the nice weather in the South. Shortly after New Years, I found myself back in the Saint Louis airport on my flight back to Orlando. It all happened so fast and I had a lot of fun, but it’s good to be back.

The first three days of classes went very well. I think I am going to enjoy my professors and the material this semester. The only change to the schedule I had previously posted was a professor switch in Meteorology 201. I learned the first day of class that Barry was assigned to other duties and my new professor is Eicher. Here are some of my first impressions of my courses:

BA201- Hinebaugh is always energetic and a lot of fun. She has funny class rules, including singing “I’m a Little Teapot” if you are more than 5 minutes late. On Friday we were assigned to our companies (groups) and I am overall pleased with the members of the group.

PS142- I didn’t know what to expect from this class but so far it has been quite entertaining. Cabiac is loud and obnoxious, which makes the 8:15 course much more enjoyable. Although most people are taking Physics, I think I made the right choice by following more of my interests by taking Environmental Science.

I already had a lot to do this first weekend back. I took part in Volleyball during the dorm Olympics. My team lost in the first round but it was very close. I also got to attend another ERAU hockey game and basketball game. The hockey team BEAT the Florida Gators 6-5!!! It was an awesome game. I also made it out to the beach and swam in the chilly Atlantic. I have a few reading assignments to do to finish my weekend, but that is the extent of my homework. Thanks for reading, and let me know if I can help you with anything.

Until Next Time,

December 19, 2008

I’m finally home!!! Finally, after an entire semester, I’m back home in NYC where it’s freezing cold! It feels so good to be able to be with family and friends. It was a really short semester but we had to get a lot done within that time. I accomplished a lot over the past 6 months and got involved with a few clubs on campus and earned 27 credits so far.

Finals went well. I passed my finals and got some really good grades in my classes. However, with flight, I am still not done with course. When I get back I only have a few flights then my checkride! I can’t wait. But I am concerned that not flying for a few weeks will affect my performance when I get back. I am sure it will all work out, but sometimes being away on break is not completely good.

Before we left campus, First Generation had a little Christmas dinner in the Doolittle Annex. It was fun as we all ate together and shared funny stories about what we encountered during the semester. It was the final meeting for the club this semester. The Avion also had a banquet, which unfortunately I could not attend. But from what I heard it was a really fun event.

I’m back in New York. My mom moved from the Queens to Freeport Long Island. I left the wonderful warm weather in Daytona, and now I have to wear layers of clothes and a coat when I go outside. I missed the cold so much while back on campus, but now that I’m in the cold I want to go back to the warmth. Since I have been here it snowed, and it should be a lot of wintry weather for the next few days. It’s not too friendly with the weather in New York, but being with friends and family makes it a lot better. Most of my friends aren’t done with their semester yet, so I have to wait a while till they get back. Last week, a friend of mine from back on campus came to NYC to visit me. He lives in Rhode Island and it was his first time in the city. We had so much fun that day, it snowed and we almost froze to death!

I also went to visit my old high school. It’s a surprise what the school has become. I got to see my friends that are juniors and seniors and my old track team, teachers, principal and peer group leader. It was a nice feeling going back and seeing the people that help me become the person I am today.

I must thank you guys for reading my journals for the past semester. It has been my pleasure. Thanks to all the people that sent me emails, I appreciate them a lot and hope I answered your questions to your satisfaction. Please don’t be a stranger, if you have any questions about Riddle and classes, etc. shoot me an email and I will gladly answer your questions.

Happy Holidays and have a wonderful New Year!

December 17, 2008

Hello to you all from Virginia!!!

I hope everyone is having a great break. Well, actually, if you are still in high school I am not sure yours has started yet so I hope you have a good break!!! My last final was on the 9th and I left at 7 am on the 10th. Flew out of Orlando into Baltimore/Washington and its freeeezing here! No snow yet, it is in the 20’s though. I really want snow though! All of my family is coming up next monday (the 22nd) then the day after Christmas I am going to New York for my cousin’s wedding. I love NY I can’t wait! The bad thing is my laptop crashed yesterday 🙁 I don’t know what in the world I am going to do! I did just put like a million pictures up on facebook of the Dulles Air and Space Museum so go check the out!!! There are way to many good ones to choose from so I am taking the easy way out and saying go look at them all!!! The SR-71 was there and the Enola Gay, it was absolutely AMAZING! That’s been all of my excitement so far, I am waiting for all your e-mails and facebook messages! So once again – e-mail me at or find me on fackbook –search Elizabeth Marie!!!

Happy Holidays everyone and to those who share my holiday, Merry Christmas!!!!


December 15, 2005

Hey Everyone,

This is the first time I am revising a journal entry after I have finished it because, I wanted to keep you up to date. I officially have finished my first full semester of college!!!!! I am really excited and I think I did really, really well. I already have gotten 5 of 6 grades back and although I have a few more “B’s” than I wanted, I am ultimately satisfied at the effort that I put in this semester and am looking forward to future semesters where I can build on this one.

Wow, where to start. It sure has been a hectic couples weeks on the Embry-Riddle campus. Ok, Rockin’ The Holidays was an exciting, fun completion of the semester for Task Force One. About 120 people came out to support us in our endeavor and the band was great, the food was great, and people really enjoyed the prizes which ranged from gift cards, to toys, to lava lamps and black lights. After all the hitches we encountered this semester, we really pulled together and I felt we were successful in what we were trying to do. Unfortunately, I left my camera at home during the Thanksgiving Break so I was unable to supply you with pictures.

On a sad note, my computer died in these past couple weeks. One of the many wires I had sticking out of it wrapped around my newly bought office chair and that proceeded to pull it really hard onto the floor of my dorm. If anything comes from this experience it is to support accidental damage warranties, of which I did not have. For those of us who live in the great state of New York and are planning to attend the Daytona Beach Campus, we are out of luck because Dell doesn’t offer said warranties in those two states due to insurance and legal reasons. So I look forward to Christmas and next semester where I can raise enough money for a new laptop. Until then, my current computer is enshrined in my room. I have to admit, I did cry quite a bit when I realized the extent of the damage. I don’t think my computer would want to live with a feeding tube, so I just let it go. (Ok, bad metaphor at this point in American history, but still funny.)

Anyways, I am about to make the long road trip journey home beginning Friday with one of my high school friends who attends the University of Tampa, so I am getting really excited and pumped for that fun. It will be about a 20 hr trip, but since I lack a drivers license, her father is flying down and helping us drive. I am preparing to get my drivers license, however, but I-95 is not my ideal first driving experience. I am one of the few people left on campus, and it is quite refreshing to have the room to myself and I am totally relaxed. Pretty soon I will be packed into Victoria ‘s Toyota for almost a day. (If traffic goes smoothly!)

I can only wish everyone reading this the happiest of holidays, and a great new year. For those seniors in high school who are 17, remember this is your last holiday season as a kid, so treasure it, because next year will be soooooo different. I will talk and get you updated on the new semester next year, I hope you will all come back and read this. Don’t forget about me.

Happy Holidays!

P.S. After January 1, 2006 download the FAFSA (your financial aid form) and send it to all the schools you are applying to! Embry-Riddle has an early filer’s grant which if you file early enough, you will earn. I received it, and you should too! Good Luck!

December 1, 2005

Hey Everyone!
This is my first entry from home, New York City and the last 9 days I’ve spent here have been fun, exciting and full of adventure. The five days I spent in Daytona after my last entry were normal and I spent some time trying to get everything settled work-wise before I left. I did miss two days of classes (which is not bright) but for the most part, my professors were ok with it, because I let them know in advance. That was one long week, however. Finally, I left Daytona for home.

I didn’t stay at home long, because the day after I went home, I went up to Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York to visit my friend Stefanie. Skidmore is a really beautiful campus, because as many of you may know, autumn in the northeast is a great sight to behold. Skidmore is more of a liberal arts school, so I was around the type of people I went to high school with, and that was comforting. Even though I love it here at Embry-Riddle, it still is a big difference because I am the only person from my high school to come here in my year.

Speaking of my high school, the day before Thanksgiving is traditionally alumni day. So I made the journey into Lower Manhattan to go see the friends and teachers that made high school so great for me. That was so much fun. I didn’t realized how much I missed everyone and I was so happy to see everyone. These people from Stuyvesant High School are going to be my friends for life so it is a big deal that we went about three months apart. The biggest thing though was, my high school friends read my journals, which surprised me, so the compliments I received for this really boosted my self-esteem. (Not that it needs any more boosts.)

I finally tied my last loose end of high school. I spent last year producing a DVD for my class’ yearbook, but unfortunately, all of them weren’t printed by June so we finally gave out a bulk of them to the class. I put a lot of work into it so finally getting to give them out was a huge relief.. Watching it with about 30 of my friends in a small living room on a 12 inch computer screen wasn’t too bad either.







For Thanksgiving Day, I went to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This was interesting because I haven’t been to the parade since I used to watch it from my Mother’s office when I was really young. The parade was amazing and worth standing in freezing temperatures for hours. There was one really cool band from Ohio, and although I do not remember their name, I loved the few minutes of seeing them pass.






Ok, now I know everyone wants to know about the balloons because they are the most famous part of the parade. I had so much fun watching them float past because I absolutely love kiddy things. Things like Disney movies keep me young so I always am doing something fun and childish.

I had tons of fun on my vacation, but now, it is back to work. We only have a week and half of the semester left so it is time to finish everything up. I think I have had a great first semester and to ruin it by slacking off would be foolish. So the theme for the next 3 weeks will be, studying. Finals are fast approaching and I have to be ready for them.

Back to work,
Until next time,