October 6, 2005

Hello again everybody.
Since last time, it has been amazingly busy here in Daytona Beach. Now that I am into my fourth week of classes, I can accurately say I have a pretty good routine going. The work load is definitely starting to pick up and is becoming a lot more challenging, but nothing overwhelming.

I am taking two air traffic classes and I absolutely love them. They are very interesting and I enjoy going to them every day. In my one class, we just learned all about the history of ATC and now we are starting on the ATC system as a whole. In the other, we finished the teamwork, documents, and communications section and are just starting the aircraft identification section. Each of these classes is structured around the FAA’s demands. Everything we learn will most likely be seen again if we get accepted to the FAA training academy in Oklahoma City.

I am also taking a meteorology class and a human factors class. My meteorology professor is actually the weatherman for central Florida’s Channel 13 news station. It is kind of strange to see him in the classroom, and then 4 hours later on my TV, but the class is very interesting. This past week, I had been bombarded with tests, just about every day of the week I had a test in each one of my classes, a lot of studying and work, but I pulled through..

So that is how my academic life is going. Now on to my social life.

Embry-Riddle has so many clubs and organizations to pick from! About two weeks back I ended up joining the scuba diving club and the surf club when they held the activities fair. There are hundreds of activities to choose from, whatever interests you they probably have here.

The University also held a Greek night where you go around to the Fraternities/Sororities table and decide which one you like enough to rush and possibly join. In my personal opinion, Sigma Pi here at Embry-Riddle has the most to offer and is probably the best Fraternity on campus. After going around and seeing/ hearing what all the others had to offer, nothing could compare to Sigma Pi, I had to rush them.

Rush week is when all of the interested students hang out with the Brother’s and decide if they like the organization enough and want to pledge. It also gives the Brothers a chance to determine if they like you enough and think you are worthy of pledging their organization. At the end of rush week, if everything worked out, they give you a bid and invite you to pledge the Fraternity. I was lucky enough to get a bid from Sigma Pi and of course I accepted it. So now I am a pledge and have to go through the new member education process.

My pledge brothers are really cool and I enjoy hanging out with them, so things aren’t too bad yet. This past week they assigned me to my ‘Big Brother,’ Chad. He is like a mentor to me and will help guide me through my pledging process. Every day I am developing more and more respect towards the Brothers. They are all really cool and know how to have a good time. Yesterday we cleaned up Clyde Morris, the highway in front of the University. Sigma Pi actually adopted that entire road. It was so hot out, but the Brothers made it into a fun time. Out of all the Fraternities on campus, Sigma Pi by far is the best one in my opinion.

On another note, I am really glad I chose to live off campus since I was eligible because I am a transfer student. I have a huge apartment, my own bathroom, and no RA looking after my every move. On the other hand I have to drive to class every day, make my own meals, and most of the friends I met live on campus, so I’m kind of out of the loop. Either way you look at it, there are definitely pros and cons with off-campus living.

In these upcoming weeks, there is going to be a lot to look forward to in the Daytona Beach area and also the University. Homecoming is coming up and from what I hear; things get crazy on campus during it. Also, Biketober Fest is just around the corner. It is when bikers from all around the country come to Daytona to show off their stuff, sell things, and party. It should be interesting once they all come. People say that the area gets so loud and the roadways get clogged with motorcycles. I am looking forward to Sky Fest most of all for the upcoming month. It is a huge air show over the airport with all kinds of stunt pilots and vendors from every where all relating to aviation, it definitely sounds like fun.

To wrap things up, I am really enjoying it here, from the new friends to the new experiences, everything is going really well for me. If any of you ever have any questions regarding academics or the social scene here, email me at beim582@erau.edu. It would probably be best though if you continue to ask me questions through the discussion board. If you see me on campus, let me know if you read my entries. Until next time, do good in school and stay out of trouble.

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