October 18, 2005

Hi Guys,

School is coming quite OKAY. I must admit that the first year, like everyone else says is very difficult because of your new surroundings. I had exams in pretty much every class except Speech. In Speech I am doing the best because there are no exams. I do pretty bad on exams. But I catch up quickly. In Chemistry, I am currently doing worst because I rushed my test. When we reviewed it, I knew like 33/40 questions. Quite Embarrassed I am. But I got just over half of it. The final exam replaces the lowest score so I will be fine.

In Speech, we perform speeches on Videotapes. Not to scare you, it really is not bad because you get to know your classmates and so that builds you up. I have a major speech coming up next week with a group which is all nicely organized and planned. We have to individually perform speeches about a certain topic we picked that is controversial. We chose Youth Crime. A lot of research that can be done!

We have Chemistry class and Chemistry Lab. Chemistry class I already mentioned at the beginning. The lab is much harder. We have about 70 minutes to complete each lab with about 10 questions to fill out. So if you don¹t finish, you have until 2 pm that day and 10 points will be taken off. It¹s pretty hard but I am averaging a C or better hopefully because I am catching up like I said.

My Math test I got a 82 so I am not doing bad in that class. The only ones that worry me is Chemistry. I was never good in those subjects but College does it for ya ! All the other ones I am doing okay also. My main goal is however to strive for 3.0+ But I do not know if that is going to happen. Maybe close. Which is still good for first year college I think.

After classes, there is a lot of freedom which many students do not use to study, including me! But of course I use the time wisely and do study when its necessary. Now I know this is a short journal and I¹m sorry!! The next one will be much longer I promise as my speech approaches, Wish me luck !!!

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