October 6, 2005


Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was alright. I had a chemistry exam and Psychology. I¹ll let you know what I got on them when you contact me J . By the way ..only one person contacted me and read my entire journal, I found that pretty unique.

I was supposed to go home this weekend to St.Petersburg, Florida where my parents live and spend the weekend there but I have a Math Exam on Tuesday so I chose to stay here because its harder to focus at home with all those distractions going on around you. My classes are still going pretty well except chemistry, I was not happy what I got on my exam. I rushed it and didn¹t do too well. Over the weekend I got in touch with several of my friends back from home in St.Petersburg, Florida too bad not Europe, its expensive over my cell phone. But it was nice, I talked to my friends and told them that I will probably be going home in 2 weeks for the weekend unless another Exam interrupts me.

So my friend Justin broke his collar bone playing Ultimate Frisbee down near the ICI Center (sport complex). It is funny how people imagine that sport as being so innocent. Well, he jumped to dive to get the Frisbee, he succeeded but fell on his shoulder as if someone dropped him upside down to the ground. So I drove in his car and took care of him for like two days and felt very bad for him. Since the collar bone is one of the most sensitive bones in the body required for movement, it is very hard for him to move such as taking showers, dressings.etc. I helped him with the best I can. A few days ago he had to go back to the hospital and they put a cast around his shoulders and armpits. At least he looks buff now with his whole shoulders being placed back and straight up. I wish him well.

A car here at Embry-Riddle is not really THAT important. If you need to go shopping or such, there are always people around that have a car and that will drive you. If you just want to kill money and time + gas, then go for it. I personally don¹t believe you need a car unless you are planning on getting an OFF-Campus job. Many students work on campus and have a flexible schedule. Here at Embry-Riddle, many people understand the need for your work to be done, so if you needed to leave your job or something they would understand. Now off campus, I would say it would probably be different.

If anybody is considering a visit, I encourage you to do so and so does probably everyone else here. When you visit your University you are planning to attend you just feel different. You can ask questions from people who are NOT trying to take your money, but to help you. Our Financial Aid Office is beyond exceptional, they do all the work for you with the lenders.

I know its been a short journal, so I haven¹t done pretty much anything over the weekend. I pulled another ALL-Nighter on Saturday (for no reason) with my buddy and now I am tired. So guyss let me know if there is anything I can answer for you. I already did for one person, and thanks for reading it ALL!! – Dinko R.

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