October 20, 2005

Hi again everybody.

There has been so much going on here lately in the area. This week is BiketoberFest and there are motorcycles everywhere. Traffic is not too bad on the mainland side but beachside it is, the noise from the bikes is kind of getting a bit annoying. I have seen some crazy/weird people I don’t think I would have ever imagined seeing, but they all ride ridiculously awesome motorcycles. These bikers definitely do carry the ‘stereotype’ of being hard partiers from what I have seen at night, but they all share a fun time together. Daytona Beach is like nothing I ever imagined.

I am officially a member now of the Riddle-Surf club. I went to the surf trip this Sunday and it was a lot of fun. Basically everyone from the club goes to the beach together and surfs, the more experienced surfers usually ended up teaching the beginners. If any of you ever want to learn how to surf, I definitely recommend joining the surf club.

Since I’m on the topic of clubs, a good amount of you have been e-mailing me questions about my Fraternity. Now that I am about half-way through pledging, it is beginning to get a bit more challenging. Luckily all of my pledge brothers are really fun to be with. Pledging is not ‘too’ bad, we give each other support when needed. Greek life is definitely not for everyone, but if it is for you, I guarantee it will be the most fun and greatest experience you will ever have. Most Fraternities promote scholarship so grades are always number one priority; at least with Sigma Pi the concern is pretty high up there. It seems like every weekend is getting better than the last and I can see a noticeable bond forming between us pledges and the Brothers. I definitely feel proud and privileged to be pledging Sigma Pi Fraternity.

As far as my academics are going, I am doing pretty well. I am approaching another hell week of tests every day, but I feel very prepared for them now that I know how the tests are structured. My ATC classes are getting a lot more interesting too. We are finally going over stuff that we will definitely use every day in our controlling careers. This past Thursday I went to an ATC club meeting where the supervisor of Daytona Beach Intl Control Tower gave us a great lecture on the career as well as his own personal experiences. A lot of people showed up and the topics/ questions were very good. It made me proud to be an Embry-Riddle student.

One major point I have to say for all you interested in becoming a controller is don’t just do it for the money because the job will defeat you if your heart isn’t in it. Also, things are looking very good for the future in ATC. I am so anxious to graduate ERAU and get called to the FAA academy, but at the same time I am loving my Fraternity and never want to leave this school.

Many of you have been e-mailing me questions so keep it up! I enjoy getting back to you with my own opinions. My e-mail for those of you who don’t know, beim582@erau.edu .

Well, I got to go so that is it for this entry. Do good in school and for all of you future FAA controllers out there, STAY OUT OF TROUBLE and good luck!

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