October 20, 2005

Well, today is Friday, Oct. 14.. tomorrow is my 18th birthday!! That’s right, I’m a young one, here on campus. Actually, I’ve met another person or two who are even younger than LiL me. So, I’d say there are a fair share of younger students at Riddle.

Anyway, things are going alright. They sure have been better. I’ve had some CRaZzZie things going on, but.. despite them.. I’m doing just fine. I had a mini-breakdown, last night. I had this HUGE project due, this morning, in my IT 109 (Intro. to Computers) class. I started it MUCH earlier than I usually begin projects, but it wasn’t quite early enough. Luckily, I found some awesome friends who could help me out with it. So, I got it turned in on time. However, I was a wreck in the process. Procrastination is NOT the key to being a successful student, here. Trust me!!

As far as the birthday is coming along, my boyfriend is here!! He flew in on Wed. He’s staying until next Tuesday. So, I’ve still got him for a few more days!! This weekend, we’re going with my best friend from Riddle, Beth, to her place in Clearwater. She misses her friends, and I could use a break from the dorms for a bit. I got a HUGE package in the mail, yesterday. I got a TON of gifts from the family and from Monty. It was great 🙂 I love presents.. especially the opening them part.

As far as my other classes, things aren’t going too bad. I’m feeling MUCH more confident in CaLC.. AS 120 should be getting better.. and World History isn’t ToOo bad despite the teacher.

I hate to write this early, but I figured I’ll be busy, this weekend. If I can, I’ll write another entry within the next two weeks and post the birthday pictures.. and maybe a picture or two from my experiences with the Alpha Xi Delta sorority 🙂 Have a great one, guys!!

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